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Lentils and beets December 1, 2007

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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Since I didn’t think beets would work that well in the fried mush I made a few days ago, I thought I’d use them to make this beet curry (or some variation of it, anyway. I kind of suck at following recipes to the letter. Also, I didn’t have the required chilies) before they became too wrinkly. I usually have lentils at home, anyway, and I can really use the few spices I actually have in this dish.

This dish doesn’t really look like a curry to me, but then the curries I’ve had generally came from jars and from the size of the Wikipedia entry (no, I didn’t bother reading the whole thing to see if today’s dinner was technically curry) it seems like there is a lot of diversity in curries so it may well be one.
It doesn’t really matter what you call it, really. It was tasty, and that’s what matters. It was tastier than the other times I made it, too. It always used to be a bit bland. I think I used more spices and actually did that thing about frying the onions and beet bits in a seperate pan. Usually I just chuck it in one since I’m that lazy.

I had it with some rye bread since I was too lazy to prepare some random grain.

Beet curry



1. Bonnie - December 2, 2007

Nice! I never know when something is a curry and when it isn’t either. But who cares, as long as they’re good. Yours looks like it was :)
Also, I admire you for posting every day. *lazy*

2. tuimeltje - December 2, 2007

Exactly. :)

Don’t worry, this is just shiny new blog updatey-ness. It’ll wear off soon enough and I’ll revert to my lazy self.

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