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Soup December 5, 2007

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.

A few days ago I bought some courgettes with the intention of recreating a very nice soup a friend of my parents once made for some party. It was a very basic soup, just blended courgette, water, and some vegetable stock. As a nice addition she had kept some of the courgette away from the blender and cut it into cubes to add to the soup after the whole blending thing.

My soup ended up slightly different, though. On my way home I stopped by the supermarket to get me some kruidnoten, but since they were all sold out I got some broccoli instead. Apparently green can be a perfectly valid culinary guiding principle, so I decided it would go very well with the courgette.
The first taste was a bit bland, but adding some more stock powder, a bit of shoyu, and some fried onions made it all better.
Though it wasn’t as tasty as the one my parents’ friend made (what’s up with non-vegans cooking tastier vegan things than actual vegans? No fair, that), but it was good enough.


Because I was hungry and still I had to steam the broccoli before I could puree it, I fried up some rösti things (something similar to tater tots) along with some tofu strips that were supposed to be spicy but were really just a little on the salty side. A bit of tomato ketchup made this half a meal. Or, depending on how lazy I am, a full meal. Tomato ketchup can be counted as a vegetable, after all.

rösti and tofu

Protein, starch, and pureed vegetable. Perfect dinner.



1. Bonnie - December 21, 2007

It’s nice of your parents’ friends to make a vegan soup! too bad yours wasn’t as tasty. Maybe it’s just because you used broccoli? anyway, looks like a very good meal to me ^^

2. tuimeltje - December 21, 2007

Yeah, they have some great friends.
Might’ve been the broccoli, yes. I’ll try courgettes only next time.

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