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Breakfast and lunch December 20, 2007

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast, lunch.
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A while ago I bought a few boxes of Weetabix, but I keep forgetting to eat it. Luckily the stuff lasts a good while.
Plain Weetabix with soya milk is a little boring, so usually I add some random things to it. Usually some raisins, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, desiccated coconut, nuts, that sort of thing.
This time it was some weird marmalade-like fruit spread I bought at Xenos recently along with a few raisins. I’m fresh out of desiccated coconut and didn’t feel like bothering with anything crunchy.


For lunch I had some left-over pea soup with a few Tartex sandwiches. I’d made the soup yesterday, as it’s a nice wintery soup and I’d bought a celeriac for this very purpose earlier that really needed to be eaten before Christmas.
Normally I eat it with pumpernickel bread, but I didn’t want to open the whole package. I won’t be able to finish it before going home to my parents unless I’ll eat nothing else, and I still have plenty of other food.

Pea soup and sanwiches



1. sinead - January 25, 2008

Helllloooooooooo! I was so glad to see your comment on my blog! Yay! *jumping up and down for joy*


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