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Pink March 17, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast.

Today, I decided to have a smoothie for breakfast. I had all the ingredients, and with me being too lazy to cook up some oatmeal and feeling like something not either Weetabix (which I don’t actually have at the moment, so with the “no grocery shopping” thing, that one was out anyway) or popped rice, I decided to go with that.

The ingredients:
Smoothie ingredients
I didn’t use all of this. I still have most of the flax seeds left (of course. Who’d use a whole bag in one smoothie?), over half the grapes, half the frozen berries (a mix of blueberries, cranberries, and redcurrant), and most of the soya milk.

I considered chucking in some frozen greens as well, either a few cubes of kale or a few cubes of spinach, whatever I still had left in my freezer. It makes it a nice green colour and adds some easy leafy green veg to your day, but I rather liked the idea of drinking something pink for the morning.

After watching some Michael Greger video about nutrition (I’m currently listening to the mp3 of this nutrition talk about fats, which is interesting. Not sure I particularly I like his article about honey being vegan, though), one where he showed us how to make fun tasty stuff, I bought a bag of flax seeds. I’ve been using the oil on-and-off for a while now (easily added to smoothies, by the way), but this video made me think the actual seeds may have some advantages. Something about lignans, if I recall correctly.
I never really bothered with those before, since before they’re any use, they have to be ground, and after grinding, they get rancid pretty quickly.
Dr Greger din’t seem to see this as a problem and simply chucked some in a blender to grind them, which looked very easy and convenient. Since I don’t (yet) have one of those, I was hoping my immersion blender would do the trick. It tended to cut up grape seeds, after all.
I’m not sure it properly ground the flax seeds. I’m sure it didn’t grind all of them, at least, because I saw some whole ones float around, but it may have ground up some. I hope so, anyway. It’d be nice to use this instead of the oil.

Anyway, here’s the smoothie:

Because I’m lazy like that, I drank it straight from the measuring cup and didn’t bother pouring it into a nice glass.
Though it doesn’t look like much, this breakfast kept me going for a good few hours. With my current job I have a pretty late lunch, and I didn’t get any hungrier than normal before lunch. I still have enough left for one more smoothie like this, what with the few berries left. Still, might make me one of those green ones without the berries. No shortage of bananas here.



1. Bonnie - March 22, 2008

I like the look of that smoothie! I bought some whole flax seeds a while ago, too, but haven’t used them yet – I wasn’t sure how to grind them either. I could use my mother’s food processor, but I don’t think it’ll work. I wonder if you can ground them in a mortar and pestle…

2. tuimeltje - March 24, 2008

It was good.
That might work, too. Hadn’t thought of that yet. I’ve heard a lot of people grind them in coffee grinders, which seem to be easy to find second hand and dirt cheap in the U.S., but I’ve never even seen them for sale first hand around here (not that I’ve looked), and Michael Greger just chucked them in a basic blender before adding anything else.
It seemed to have worked better with the green smoothie, but I’ll have to ask around for a big to see how others do it. Or actually look for a coffee grinder…

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