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Aduki March 18, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, snack.
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IngredientsToday I tried this recipe. Well, more or less, of course. I generally kind of lose at properly following recipes and I didn’t have the herbs they wanted. Also, I liquidised the whole thing, which was not mentioned in the recipe.

I’ve had a butternut squash lying around for a good while now and I bought a bag of aduki beans after seeing some random food thing with them somewhere. Making small talk, I asked about them for a bit, and found out they’re not just fun to look at but also macrobiotically good for me, whatever that means. Still, that, combined with my general love of legumes, especially if they have nice colours, was more than enough to make me get some next time I came across them. Or actively plan a trip to the Chinese supermarket to get me some. Heh.

Here are the ingredients:

I didn’t use all of those beans for the soup. Once they were done cooking, I put a good part into the freezer for easy use later. They didn’t turn out as red as I had expected and hoped they would, but they did smell like some of the sweet things I’ve found in Chinese supermarkets.


This is what I ended up with. Times 6. Almost filled my pot to the rim, it did.
Not as tasty as yesterday’s soup, but still pretty decent. I’ve had similar soups before but without the beans, and this one didn’t actually taste that different. It had little chewy bits in it, though. Kind of like small seeds. I don’t know what it was, but it was quite tasty. Instead of the recommended herbs, I added a bit of harissa at the same time I added the miso, which I had dissolved in water, not stock.

For this soup I also used the cream (which, at least at first, was somewhat thicker today), which did seem to make a nice difference. I can’t say it got creamier, exactly, but it was good. I didn’t manage to use all of the remaining cream, though. Those packages may look small, but they contain plenty.
I ate the first bowl with some chapati, but didn’t bother with it for the other bowls.

By the way, does anyone know if I can do something fun with the squash seeds? I saved them, but I’ve saved seeds before (of pumpkins, at least) and was always too lazy to actually do anything with them.


Though I had intended to not buy any food this week, I kind of broke that rule today. I went to the market to get some dried fruits for my boyfriend to try and see if he likes it so it can be part of his survival package when he’s in a not-too-veg-friendly place where he doesn’t speak the language and is far from supermarkets.
He’ll be coming over this weekend, and I wanted him to try it before we both forgot about it.


Continuing yesterday’s randomness, this time with things that aren’t even remotely related to veganism (unless someone involved with either the band or the musical was ever vegan, but if that’s the case, it’s a complete coincidence). Really, there’s no mention of veganism after this bit, so if that’s all you want to read about, don’t click here. For some strange reason I feel compelled to share that I am currently somewhat obsessed with Doe Maar (why, hellooo, YouTube favourites!). For this, I am fully blaming the musical, which I watched on uitzending gemist (this should be the direct link. If it doesn’t work, try uitzendinggemist.nl and search for “doe maar”) a few days ago and watched again while my food was simmering. Though it took me some time to get into it and bits were sort of predictable, it was quite a lot of fun and addictive (even if the dances made me giggle, one of the dads looked kind of creepy and it didn’t quite have that 80s feel to me even though this thing involved leg warmers, a rubiks cube, and a mention of Reagan) and it’d been way too long since I’d last heard that music. It’s all that’s been going around my head these past few days.
I kind of regret not seeing it live now. I had considered it, since it’s a Dutch musical rather than one of the more international basics after translation, but didn’t actually end up even checking if it played near me.
Still, I’d probably have looked foolish bouncing around in my seat.

It also helped me remember Daniël Boissevain is really quite pretty, and I am now vaguely enamoured with his heart-of-gold bastard character in that show (even though I technically speaking disagree with the name Rits. Apparently Ritsaart is a legitimate given name around here, but I’ll happily pretend it isn’t). A nice little Google search showed me he oddly resembles Ridge in this particular publicity shot (though he’s not nearly as icky plasticky), which feels kind of wrong.

The weird thing is, I’ve sort of had this background knowledge of the pretty since I was about fourteen, fifteen years old. Since I’ve seen maybe three things with him in it, counting this musical, and none of those I saw when I was about that age (also, while I distinctly remember watching Lek, I don’t remember anyone other than Casper Janssen, Victor Löw, and Thomas Acda being in that), this is a little odd to me. Though All Stars came out around that time, I didn’t actually see that one until maybe a year ago. Actually, I’m not even entirely sure I saw the whole thing. All I remember is a bit with Danny de Munk being all upset because he’s been madly in love for ages with this guy who’s about to get married or become a father or somesuch and being generally annoyed at his team mates lack of participation, so I may have just seen a small part and am mixing it up with Team Spirit, the Belgian re-make, which I did see.

Did he give a particularly memorable Hitkrant interview at that time or something? Did they put him on one of their posters, one which I then put on my wall? Because really, that’s the only thing I can think of.



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