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More Pink. -Ish, At Least March 18, 2008

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Today’s dinner was pretty much all vegetables, no tins at all. A little more often than I should, I buy vegetables and don’t end up using them quickly after. As was the case with the beets and potato I ate today, something you can probably make out on the picture below, what with the shrivels and sprouts all over. Granted, the onion and carrot weren’t exactly fresh from the shops either and have bits sprouting from them as well, but these things tend keep well enough and can be used with pretty much everything, so I generally try and have these at home most of the time.

Photographic evidence of sprouting and shriveling:
Borscht ingredients

So using these four simple and, all in all, pretty cheap vegetables, I more-or-less made this borscht-like soup.
Since I had actually bought the beets with the intention of making something borscht-like, I looked around for a bit to check out different recipes. Most recipes called for things like cabbage and dill, which I didn’t have, and demanded grated beets, which, since I don’t have one of those fancy food processors (yet), I didn’t much feel like doing, especially since my beets were small and I wouldn’t be able to grate much of each beet before grating my fingers on my grater, which is probably not vegan. I’m also rather fond of my immersion blender (my only electronic kitchen tool) and the results I get with it, and this was the only recipe that even mentioned something like that. All others seemed intent on having us eat something chunky. Which may well be more authentic, but I don’t actually care. I just want it to be easy, tasty, and reasonably healthy.

I didn’t, of course, properly follow the recipe (hence the more-or-less earlier). As if!
My version is much simpler: While the pot is slowly heating up (I use an electric stove. I suspect it takes longer than a gas stove), cut up the onion, peel and dice the potato and chuck them in, letting them sauté a little while chopping up the beets, adding just a little splash of apple cider vinegar. It probably helps to stir occasionally, which I did, occasionally, but I could’ve probably done it on a few more occasions. Still, my lack of focus in that department doesn’t seem to have done any harm.
Anyway, when I was done with the beets, I added those (ignoring that 10 minute sauté thing) and started on the carrot, which, again, I added as soon as I was finished. Pretty quickly after that I added water (not waiting anywhere near the 20 minutes mentioned in the recipe. Also, no boullion powder added. Clean forgot about that, I must admit. That and the nutmeg, which I do actually have), another little splash of apple cider vinegar, and a little splash of shoyu. No salt added at any point, though I did add some pepper after pouring it into the bowl.

Soup with pepper:
tasty soup

Soup with oatly:
tasty soup with oatly

Though I didn’t initially intend to add any cream, I did it anyway. I’ve had a little carton of oatly cream for a while now, and it’s technically past the sell-by date. Tastes just fine, though. Trouble with these things is, I never use a whole carton per meal, so I get stuck with half a carton left over which will then go bad because I don’t make specific plans to do anything with it and forget about the whole thing until it’s entirely too late to use it.

I’m not sure adding the cream made much of a difference, but it made it slightly pinker, which works for the post’s title. That’s something.
The soup itself was most tasty, a lot tastier than I was expecting. It had a very rich taste, and I’ll most likely try and replicate it later.
I’m very pleased it’s so easy to make something this tasty with so few ingredients and so little effort.

These vegetables got me three bowls of soup, which, with nothing to accompany it, was a decent and satisfying meal for one. I had half intended to have me some chocolate soya dessert after, but I couldn’t really be bothered since I was perfectly sated.
Adding some bread (I’ve seen a reccomendation for pumpernickel with one of the borscht recipes I came across) and maybe a side dish or salad could probably stretch that to a decent meal for two.

Other random vegan-ness: Vegan was today’s word on Wordsmith. It was fun randomly seeing it on that GMail webclip bar today.
And, not strictly vegan, but I’m suddenly rather fond of NutritionData.com, where I can search for pretty detailed nutritional information on all kinds of foods. There are also some interesting-looking tools, like recipe analysis, which I’ll probably check out later. So far I’ve mostly been checking out the basic info.



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