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Green March 20, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast.
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As the grapes weren’t getting any fresher and I wanted to try something colourful for breakfast again, I thought I’d make me a smoothie again. A green one, this time.

My basic smoothie recipe is banana+soyamilk+something flax+whatever else vaguely suitable currently available, which, today, was frozen spinach. The same conveniently cube-y kind I used for the noodly thing yesterday.

Put the desired amounts of everything in a suitable container, hit it with an immersion blender, and you will end up with this:

Green Smoothie

A very green, very tasty, very liquid breakfast. From what I could see, the flax seeds seemed all flaky, so I hope this means their goddness will be properly absorbed.
Again, this smoothie kept me going for a good few hours and was a nice start to my day.

I just realised that this one, if put next to the pink one, would basically be the Doe Maar colour scheme. Since the music has been in my head all week and I watched that musical for the third time this evening (it might be starting to get ever so slightly out of hand), I am rather amused by this.
I should remember this in case I ever have some themed party or something…



1. Bonnie - March 22, 2008

Cool! I’ve never had a green smoothie, but yours looks pretty good and healthy. Doesn’t the spinach make it taste kind of bitter, though?

2. tuimeltje - March 24, 2008

Not really. I was surprised at how tasty it was. It probably hellps that I put some sweet fruit in it as well. It still might be a good idea to start with only a little bit of spinach at first and put in a little more if you like it.

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