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More Soup March 21, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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Tonight’s dinner was some more soup. This time a very, very basic unblended vegetable soup. This is the sort of food that’s convenient to make when you don’t feel like doing anything particularly complicated and don’t want to run to the supermarket. It’s the sort of food you can eat after coming home from being away for some time and you haven’t been able to do any groceries, since it needs the sort of ingredients that can easily be kept as part of a basic pantry (provided you have a freezer, of course) if you’re even remotely organised about your food stores.

Half a bag of frozen mixed soup vegetables, a tin of tomato paste (that silvery circle. Forgot to put it on it’s side), bread and margarine, and, only because I didn’t want to let it go to waste, the remaining water chestnuts.

I considered adding vermicelli but felt I already had the grains covered with the sopping bread. I could’ve added that dehydrated watercress I sometimes add to this soup (or instant noodles, to make me feel I’m at least making an attempt to prepare something vaguely healthy) because I have no clue what else to do with it, but I forgot about it. I also forgot about the remaining oatly cream, which probably wouldn’t have gone very well with this anyway, so I stuck that in the freezer hoping I would be able to use it later. I doubt I’ll be able to use it tomorrow, and next week it’ll have gone off.

After putting veg and tomato paste in the cooking pot along with some water and boullion powder and letting the whle thing heat up for a bit and thawing the sopping bread, I got this:

Veg soup

It’s not any kind of spectacular, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the soups I made earlier this week, and it always seems to end up as rather bland and watery when I make it (maybe it needs more tomato paste…), but it’s decent, quick food that kept me from getting peckish this evening.

I got three servings out of it, though I used one of my deep plates rather than one of my soup bowls (must do dishes tomorrow), so I can’t properly compare it to what I got with the other soups. Even so, the other soups kept me feeling satisfied a fair bit longer, so it the exact comparison isn’t all that relevant to me, to be honest.

The water chestnuts weren’t that special in this soup. While I enjoyed their crunciness as part of yesterday’s noodly, it didn’t really work for this soup.



1. Bonnie - March 22, 2008

I love soups that have only veggies and tomato paste. I think that’s mostly because they’re so easy, though.

2. tuimeltje - March 24, 2008

Yeah, that’s a definite plus! :)

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