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Capucijners March 31, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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A little late due to a somewhat hectic week spent mostly away from my trusty Dorcas, but here’s the final dinner from last week’s experiment.

Capucijners & Piccalilli
It’s basically a tin of capucijners (I have not been able to find an English translation for these things. They’re a kind of pea or bean or something and really rather tasty) heated up with some piccalilli put on it just before eating. I learned about this combination when I was hanging out at a nursing home for a few weeks, helping for a bit. I think the people got bacon or somesuch with theirs, and probably (hopefully) some more veg, but only this bit stuck with me. It’s even more convenient than Thursday’s soup since it’s quicker and doesn’t require anything frozen, which, since the shared freezer I use is tiny, is a definite plus.

What I ended up eating:
End result

I thought I’d use up the last few chapatis I had left and eat the avocado before it had gone off. Unfortunately the avocado wasn’t any kind of ripe, despite making it share a paper bag with a bunch of bananas for a good few days. This made the whole thing just off and not as enjoyable as it could have been. Still, it kept me from going hungry, and I just chewed through the avocado first so I still had some yummy mushy stuff afterwards.



1. Bonnie - April 1, 2008

Looks yummy! Too bad the avocado wasn’t ripe, though, I’ve never had that. Mine are always VERY ripe.

2. Tuimeltje - April 1, 2008

:) It was.
Yeah, that was a bit of a shame. I’ve never had an avocado this reluctant to ripening as this one. Usually they soften up quite nicely when I treat them right, so generally I don’t bother making sure they’re ripe when I buy them. Shoudl’ve this time around, though…

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