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Soup & Tempeh April 2, 2008

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Yesterday I made two dishes using these ingredients:

During my last stop at the Chinese supermarket I couldn’t resist picking up something labeled “green turnips”. They were green and only about €0.55. Would you be able too resist that?
Since, to me, actual knowledge about preparing something isn’t necessarily required before buying it (see also: fermented vegetables) , I wasn’t too phased by not ever having seen those things before.

A google search using those terms got me a bunch of nice but useless of recipes for turnip greens, so after opening the bag and noticing they smelled like radish, I changed the search terms from “green turnip” to “green radish”, which actually got me some useful results. It seems to be a thing often eaten raw, but I had already decided I wanted me some soup, so I thought I’d go right ahead and be contrary.

The soup was basically the two peeled green radishes, the two carrots in the picture along with an older and mangier-looking one I found in the fridge, some shoyu, some dried basil, and some boullion powder. I think. I don’t remember adding anything else. I had intended to chuck in some garlic, but I completely forgot about that. ETA: I just remembered I also added some of the aduki beans I’d frozen earlier.
It got pureed, of course, and ended up a colour that made me think I pureed some frog-containing pond water. It tasted pretty good, though. Surprisingly un-radish-like, too.
I thawed the oatly creamy stuff and added some of it, which was nice. That stuff seems to freeze well enough, which is convenient seeing as I’ll probably rarely use a whole carton in less than a week. It looked a little seperated when I poured a tiny bit on my finger, but it tasted just fine.

The other dish I prepared pretty much at the same time. It’s a very easy tempeh and green leafy veg dish. I only recently started using tempeh. I tried it once, several years ago, but it tasted pretty foul so I didn’t bother with it after that one bad experience.
However, after seeing other people use it with ease, I decided to give it a second chance.
I’m very glad I did!
It’s quite easy to prepare and very tasty. My recent experiences with it have been so different from the first one I suspect the tempeh I used back then was a bit off.
I think I’ll be using tempeh much more in future.

For this dish I cut up the tempeh, poured on some tomato ketchup, harissa, and a few drops of liquid smoke. I let it stand for a short while because I was too impatient to let it marinade properly, and then I fried it for a bit. After a minute or so I chucked in small batches of spinach leaves. After I felt I’d put in enough spinach, I chopped up a tomato and put that in as well. I may have poured some shoyu over it, but I’m not 100% sure. I use that stuff on damn near everything, so I’m not that conscious of it.

I made a similar dish earlier, but using choi sam instead of the spinach. Choi sam some other leafy green thing which I suspect is somehow related to pak choi, though Google searches don’t give me much more than some cook. There’s a picture on this page, though.
Guess where I found the stuff?

(ETA: Googling “choi sum” and “Chinese flowering cabbage” got me some interesting results)

Soup and tempeh stuff

This one was taken before adding the oatly. It doesn’t look that froggy in the picture as it did in real life…

I wonder if I should put dishes like this in the recipe category. I do list all the ingredients I can remember, even if there’s rarely any mention of quantity, at least in any SI/metric sense, and I more-or-less mention what I did to go from ingredients to meal, but somehow it doesn’t feel like a proper recipe post.
Any thoughts?



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