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News? April 3, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in current weirdness.

In today’s newspaper I saw a short article about some not-quite-bishop recommending less meat for today’s youth if they have trouble with the whole celibacy/chastity thing. Something about meat enhancing the libido and making people horny or whatever.

Since I was at work when I spotted it, I didn’t have time to read the article properly. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to find an online (Dutch) version (Just a warning: it’s on some butchery site, which contains icky pics of meat). Apparently it’s something biblical, with unmentioned references to instances where eating meat lead to unchaste behaviour and something about the desert fathers (whoever they are) mentioning that gluttony and overeating were related to sexual desires.
As if people only overeat on meat.

The only vaguely relevant biblical thing I can think of here is that bit about Daniel not defiling himself with the king’s food (verse 8 and onwards for a bit. Also, try the “Listen to this Chapter in Hebrew”. It’s fun). There’s absolutely no mention of Daniel being any kind of horny or the Defilers being particularly lustful, though. Though Daniel and his friends ending up fairer may excite the Defilers somewhat, if they’re into that sort of thing.

Another way of dealing with chastity troubles, apparently, is praying to God and calling on Mary, saints (are there saints relevant to this? Probably), and angels.
Uhm, yeah…
Thanks, dude.

I’m all in favour of people not eating meat, but I really don’t think it’ll do anything to diminish sexual feelings. Unless I know the wrong vegans, of course.
I also don’t think this guy talking like this will help people go vegan. I suspect nonsense like this will be used as an excuse to eat more meat by people desperate to prove that, yes, they do like and/or have sex or as some way to defy the wackier Catholics among us.

Oh well. It’s dealt with easily enough, especially if you can dig up some info on the meat->clogged arteries->impotence thing.



1. Bonnie - April 4, 2008

Thanks for linking that – I hadn’t read it. I think you’re right, some people associate meat with manliness and all that and if anything this article will only make them like meat even more. Oh well, I think it’s bullshit anyway.

2. tuimeltje - April 4, 2008

Indeed it is.
Some people are absolutely pathetic about the meat=manly nonsense and seem hell-bent on believing veg guys are either gay or completely whipped. As if it’s impossible for men to think for their own damn selves.

3. Bonnie - April 4, 2008

Right you are.

(Oh, look at your comment being all pretty and highlighted!)

4. tuimeltje - April 4, 2008

I know! Isn’t it brilliant? Thanks very much for the info. :)

5. Bonnie - April 4, 2008

no problem! I love this template – I want to make a cool header to make mine look all pretty and personalized but I’m too lazy to do it right now. Heck, I’m to lazy to even update ><‘

6. tuimeltje - April 4, 2008

Me too! I had intended to do that for the previous one, and picked that template precisely because it had the custom header option, but I never got around to it. Also laziness, that. ;)

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