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Five Things April 5, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in administrative.
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Another (mostly) foodless post here.

Bonnie tagged me for that five things meme that seems to be going around and Lelly considered everyone who read her meme post tagged, so there’s no escaping it. I’ll have to tell you five completely random, utterly irrelevant things about me you did not yet know.
Not that I mind, really. I can do the omphaloskeptic thing. No physical navel needed. ;)

Here goes:

1. I used to watch a lot of television, but have stopped doing so recently. I still watch TV shows, but virtually all of them online (uitzendinggemist ftw!) where I don’t deal with commercials much. If, during the last few weeks, I ended up watching some regular telly anyway, I got a lot more annoyed and confused at commercials than I used to and have found them even more pointless than before.

2. I love drinking tea and, depending on my choice of tea, can really get my geek on with that (Earl Grey, for example, works very well for this). But I’m also generally too lazy to make it. If I do make me some, I usually drink it either late at night, which leads to me having to get up regularly after having gone to bed, or I drink it during dinner, which, because I usually ignore my body’s warnings, often leads to my stomach being entirely too full and me being uncomfortable for a while.

3. Most of the time I need a haircut. Most of the time I don’t get one. It’s not uncommon for my mum to end up making an appointment for me when I’m back home on a suitable day.

4. Certain things that seem to go pretty much automatically and immediately for most people can take a few seconds longer, like figuring out whether a certain direction is left or right, which involves me looking at my hands while moving them around, or rembering what age I am exactly, which often involves thinking back to my last birthday (tricky, since I avoid celebrating them) and trying to figure out what year we live in and how that compares to the year in which I was born.

5. At the moment I really suck at going to bed on time. Even though I get tired at around midnight-ish, I stay up until way past (does this post have a time stamp?). It’s a pretty recent thing, from the last week or so, but it’s getting annoying. Must be more diciplined about this sort of thing.

As for tagging others, I’m not sure I know any vegan bloggers out there who’ve not yet done this thing. Vegan bloggers that now me, at least. Natalie, have you done it yet?



1. Bonnie - April 5, 2008

Yay! I drink tea late at night and need a haircut too. And I always automatically think I’m about half a year older than I actually am. I think it’s because people around me are turning eigtheen or something, but in my mind that’s my age as well, even though my birthday isn’t until may. Strange.

2. sinead - April 5, 2008

Ahem. +1 on the haircut thing. And I get my age wrong about half the time. *le sigh* Thanks for linking to me in your post! Yay for vegan food blogging!

3. Tuimeltje - April 5, 2008

@ Bonnie: I always think I’m younger because I sort of remember my age by thinking back to my previous birthday, which, since I tend to ignore those, doesn’t work that well.

@ Sinead: I remember Heather mentioning the same thing once. :)
Vegan food blogging is the best.

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