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Sumo! April 6, 2008

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Back to food.

About a week ago, I actually went out to dinner for once. Some work-related thing because of someone leaving.

Before dinner we all had some autoped-related fun which was most amusing and got me slightly nostalgic. I hadn’t done anything like that since primary school, which might explain why it left me sore in peculiar places the day after. Worth it, though.

After the sporty bit of the day was over, we went to get us some proper dinner at Sumo, an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant.
While it wasn’t a vegan restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, there were enough vegan options for me and the waiting staff were very good about me asking about them.

Pictures of some of the things I ate:


Miso soup. Yum! I love this stuff. And, lucky for me, the chefs here didn’t put bonito flakes in it. Go chefs!

Some kind of udon noodle soup. Quite nice, if somewhat salty. The tofu was my favourite bit.

Some of the shrimpy tempura bits (not mine) on one plate and some of the sushi things on the one in the back.

I also had inari, which was some yummy tofu thing, chuka wakame, a kind of seaweed sushi (which can be seen on that last picture), the cucumber (also on that last picture) and pickle rolls, little curry triangles, little potato thingies, and some aubergine and courgette. Onna stick.
And lots of soy sauce. Just because I could. I also seem to have mastered at least the basics of eating with chopsticks. Yay!

It is a lot of fun eating this kind of food with generally pleasant people who enjoy it, i.e., are not afraid of seaweed and anything more ethnic than lasagna and bami.
With the friendly people, tasty food, and relaxed atmosphere, it’s the kind of place that’d be fun to visit with relatives or friends. Provided they don’t object to the occasional bit of nori, at least.

There could be more vegan option, I guess. While I felt there were enough of them, and all on the regular menu, too, there were still less than ten vegan things. Still, I’m generally perfectly content with limited options provided they’re good. If there are many vegan options I just get indecisive and frazzled, utterly unable to choose, which isn’t much fun. (just wondering. Do other vegans get this?)
Then again, the way this is set up, with the possibility to sample little bits and bites of everything, more vegan options wouldn’t necessarily lead to that kind of frazzle. Rather than having to decide what to try, I’d have to decide what to try first, which is a lot easier and a lot more fun.

The other slightly negative thing about eating here is that I was peckish again pretty quickly after getting home. While I didn’t exactly stuff myself, I didn’t hold back, either. I just ate until I was satisfied. Still, it was easily folved with a before-bed snack and is something I’ll just have to remember for next time, should I ever go here, or somewhere similar, again.


Three things I very much love at the moment:

  • The first movement of Elgar’s cello concerto, which can be watched here, as performed by Jacqueline Du Pré.
  • Somewhat related, YouTube, with it’s Alfred J. Kwak opening and closing credits from many different countries and the possibility to favourite videos and make playlists.
  • GNUCash. I now believe I may have had some overly harsh thoughts about accountants in the past. No longer.
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    1. sinead - April 7, 2008

    Oh, those soups look the yum. I have the same problem with eating out…if there are too many vegan options, I just get confused. I guess I’m just used to ordering “the vegan thing” on the menu. When I go to actual vegan restaurants, it takes me about a million years to decide on something.

    2. tuimeltje - April 7, 2008

    Good to read I’m not the only one. :)

    One of the soups was a little too salty for my taste, but that might just be me. I’ve replaced salt with shoyu, and now I usually forget to add the stuff.

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