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Kale April 8, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast.

I completely forgot to take any pictures, but today I made me another green smoothie. Since I’d used the last of my spinach cubes in yesterday’s fried mash, I used the kale cubes. They look the same, but I think using spinach makes it a little sweeter. Not that this one was bitter, or anything. It was still tasty. Just different.

Of course, it may be the other things I added. I put in one if the kiwis I had laying around, and, since I’m that lazy, didn’t bother peeling it. I’ve hardly bothered with that anymore since I found out there was no need for it, to be honest. Which, really, is a lot of fun. Random people get kind of confused when they see me eating an unpeeled kiwi in public as if it’s an apple.



1. VeggieGirl - April 9, 2008


Did you know that it’s more nutritious to eat kiwis with their skins? They have more fiber that way! I NEVER peel them before eating them.

2. tuimeltje - April 9, 2008

Nice! It’s good stuff. I should find more ways of eating it.

Really? I didn’t know that, no. Very cool, though. I love it when my lazy habits are unexpectedly healthy. :)

3. WickedNat - April 9, 2008

You can eat a kiwi with it’s skin on????? I had no idea. Isn’t it kind of, well, er — fuzzy tasting?

4. tuimeltje - April 9, 2008

You can! It’s not actually as fuzzy as you’d expect. The two little bits on the end, or at least the hard bit on the one end, aren’t that tasty, so I don’t eat those.

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