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Not Really Curry April 9, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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Today I was a little lazy. Not very lazy, as I did actually get up and haul myself to a nearby museum with lovely art works and a lovely building to take advantage of that lovely no admission-Wednesday thing they’ve got going.
But too lazy to bother cooking up a proper meal (which, to be totally honest, is a pretty normal level of lazy for me). Instead I fixed me up some ramen noodles and added some random stuff I had around to make it a little more of a meal.

Stuff I used:
noodly stuff

Not very curry-ish curry noodles, the remaining falafel balls (I really thought I had four left. Oh well), a tomato, and some more of that atjar tjampoer I also used yesterday.

Now a picture of what appeared after I had my way with those ingredients:


It was tasty enough, though probably still not really a full meal. I had some bread sticks beforehand, so I’m not particularly peckish now, but I might still fix me up a snack later on.


One thing I’ve come to love about having this WordPress blog is the ability to look at stats and how people came here and all that. I check it probably a little too often. Apparently, today someone found my blog using the search engine terms “photos of sumo eating”. I’m afraid photographs of that nature can’t be found here, but I hope this person enjoyed the visit regardless.



1. VeggieGirl - April 9, 2008

Your “lazy meal” still looks great to me – I LOVE falafel!!

Haha!! Oh you should see the search engines that have led to MY blog – they’re so bizarre!! :0D

2. tuimeltje - April 9, 2008

Falafel is brilliant stuff, though I do prefer the freshy fried Maoz-like thing to this supermarket version. And lazy meals can be pretty good, too. :)

Really? I’m curious now.

3. Bonnie - April 10, 2008

How do you like those Albert Heijn falafel balls? I haven’t tried them because I wasn’t sure whether they were worth buying. Fresh falafel is always better, but I once bought falafel in a healthfood store that was really gross. It was all sweet and spicy in a way that doesn’t suit falafel at all.

I think your whole meal looks good, especially since you were feeling kind of lazy about cooking – it might not be the healthiest meal ever, but not bad at all, right?

Aren’t those statistics awesome? I check them often, too. I should really do some research and make a page that lists all the food items that are OK to feed to rabbits – that seems to be one of the main things that people look for on my blog.

I like that one of the falafel balls went missing.

4. tuimeltje - April 10, 2008

I’m a bit meh about those falafel balls. It tastes sort of falafel-y, enough to make me recognise it as such, but it’s a bit bland. Not really worth what they asked for it, in my opinion.
They might be better heated up properly, though. I only did that for one meal, but that was the time they turned into hummus so I can’t really comment on the falafel-ness of heated up falafel balls.
If you want decent falafel, you’d probably be better off making it yourself or heading to a proper falafel place.

Yeah, probably not too healthy, but still. It’s better than naked noodles, isn’t it?

That’s funny that they check your blog for rabbit food! Today someone found my blog by looking for things to make with twigs.

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