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Stroopwafel April 9, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in snack.
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Not a proper meal by a long shot, but a very nice treat.

Tea and stroopwafels, or syrup waffles.
Not sure how accurate that article is. It lists eggs as a possible ingredient, but I’ve never seen that one on the ingredient list. It’s usually something dairy that makes it not vegan.

From above:

Stroopwafels are tasty waffle-y things with syrup in the middle which get even tastier if you heat them up just slightly. By, for example, placing one on your cup of tea.

Like so:

From above again:

All you have to do is leave it on there for a minute or two before you eat it.

Like I mentioned above, most stroopwafels have some dairy in it. If the package doesn’t proudly boast about the 100% real butter (I keep wondering why people are so keen to stick that on their packaging in some old-fashioned Delfts Blauw font as if that’s something of which to be very, very proud), there’s probably whey or lactose in it or something. They stick that junk in damn near everything.
However, you should be able to find a vegan and organic version at any organic shop. Usually three varieties are sold, of which two are vegan. A plain one (my favourite) and a hazelnut one. The non-vegan one has honey in it, which probably has something to do with De Rit’s love for bee products.

Finding them outside of the Netherlands isn’t always easy, as it’s a pretty local food. I have, however, come across the organic vegan version I used here at an organic shop in the UK, and someone told me she’d found a maple syrup version in the U.S. (want!), so you might just be able to find some where you live.

In case anyone is interested, the tea I drank was a mint-based basil rosemary mixed herbal tea. Probably not technically tea, strictly speaking, but whatever. It was tasty.


This picture with the orange and blue-going-on-orange lion reminded me very strongly of that Pluizig en Blauw song.
Enough to look if it was on YouTube.
Enough to share it with you all.

It’s the Dutch version, but there is, of course, an English version. Fuzzy and Blue!
Maybe it’s because I spent half my life listening to a tape with the Dutch version, but I don’t like the English version quite as much. It’s like they’re trying to make Grover do baby-talk.



1. VeggieGirl - April 10, 2008

I’ve actually had stroopwaffles before (years ago)!!! Some of my family-friends are Dutch, and they keep the treats in their household – how funny!! :0D

I’ve never seen Grover in Dutch – I agree, it DOES sound better than the English version, haha!

2. Bonnie - April 10, 2008

You’re making me hungry for a stroopwafel, even though I’m about to have dinner! I have a package of vegan organic stroopwafels here, but it’s not De Rit, it’s ‘Bakkers Reform’. I have had the ones you talk about too, so yummy. I love stroopwafels in general. Mmm.
I don’t like putting them on top of my teacup, though, I hate how the steam makes the bottom part of the stroopwafel all mushy and wet. Still, I sometimes use this method because I see other people do it and I keep trying it, but I just prefer my stroopwafels the way they are.
Maple stroopwafels sound like a dream… mmm. I wish I could make my own, but I think you need special waffle-making utensils for that and I don’t have those. Oh well.
Haha I like that song I had forgotten all about it.

3. tuimeltje - April 10, 2008

@VeggieGirl: That’s so cool!
Did you understand anything Grover was on about?

@Bonnie: I didn’t know there were more kinds of vegan stroopwafels. How exciting!
The bottom can get a little mushy, yes. I don’t mind if it’s slightly mushy, but I do usually to turn it occasionally so it won’t get too mushy. Some people stick them in the microwave to heat them up, but they get all funny and sticky when you do that.

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