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Melon Collie April 10, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast, rant.
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Even though I didn’t turn on my computer before going to work this morning, I still ended up leaving a little later than I had intended to. I keep intending to leave well in advance so I can walk. It’s not far, so it’s not much of a difference, time-wise. Just enough to make me go for my bike when I feel I’m running a little late.
Which, really, is most mornings. I lose at mornings.

Anyway, the reason I was running late today is because I insisted on making me a smoothie for breakfast.

Stuff I used:


I didn’t use the entire melon. Just half of it. I suspect peeling that one was part of why I ended up running late.
This was the first time I used an apple in a smoothie. The particular apple was getting kind of dodgy (which is why I put it upsidedown for the picture) and I thought this’d be a good way to use it before it went completely bad.
I always thought my darling immersion blender would be a little too frail to deal with the crunchiness of your average apple, but s/h/it did marvelously. I guess apple-y crispy is different from carrot-y crispy.

Normally this particular brand of soya milk isn’t sold here, it’s just found at some of De Tuinen’s shops for some reason. I have no idea if it’s actually true, but I never bought it there before since I assumed it was more expensive than the Alpro/Provamel stuff I usually get (I only got because it was marked down), but I may have to check it again to be sure. This stuff has vitamin D2 in it, something that’s not found in many soya
milks available here. Maybe that Alpro toddler stuff. That’s the only variety that might have it.

What I ended up with:

Well, no picture here. Remember that bit about me running a little late? I totally forgot about taking pictures when I was chugging down my smoothie while putting on my shoes. It was tasty, though. And with all the fruit I chucked in, I ended up with rather a lot of it. Enough to feed two not-too-hungry people. Or two people who’re also eating some nice oatmeal this morning.


Remember that Nutritional Data site I mentioned not too long ago? Well, they also have a blog. Though most of the advice and information is either not relevant or not relevant to me, it’s a nice enough blog and I subscribed to it when I found out about it.

Usually it’s basic tips on eating better and healthier living in general, explaining confusing concepts for which there is a lot of conflicting advice, and answering questions from readers.
All very well and pleasant, that. Quite Sensible, in general. While it’s not exactly a radical read (the author cited Nina Planck in an answer regarding a veg*n pregnancy :rolls eyes:), it has made mention of the weirdness surrounding stevia and it does seem to be about properly informing people about basic nutrition rather than pushing some branded, overpriced “health”food.

Their most recent entry, however, bothers me somewhat. Go read it and guess why.
Also guess which comment is mine.

It could’ve been a little more eloquent, I suppose, but my mind went all &grrr;flsz!!;Khaaan!! and I was too annoyed to do a proper search for relevant articles. At least this saved it from having the thing to turn into a giant, anger-fueled link-dump.

Thanks to Sinead for that lovely “please eat less meat” quote by that Indian guy who works for some fancy UN committee. I could’ve put it around some nicer paragraphs, but still. It’s a good quote.
Go click that link if you want more environmental rants.



1. VeggieGirl - April 10, 2008

Oooh, I love smoothies!! Yours sounds delicious.

I bet your comment is #2 ;0) I completely agree with you though – it’s been proven that vegetarian and vegan diets are better for the environment, so it should have been mentioned in the article.

2. tuimeltje - April 10, 2008

It was good. The only downside about these ingredients is that it ends up looking a little bland and basic. I love my smoothies colourful, and this one was kind of light yellow-ish, which isn’t very sparkly.

You win! #2 was my comment. I wonder if I know commenter #3. :) I’m also curious how comment #1 ended up being dated Jun 6 2007…

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