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More Lazy April 12, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.

Another lazy meal. From a two days ago, since I’ve not had any proper dinner yet today and I spent most of yesterday evening on some form of public transport or other making preparing a proper warm dinner kind of tricky (dinner consisted of a jar of (cold) baked beans on rice crackers. Surprisingly good, that).

Anyway, pictures.

Basic food:

LIDL rösti thingies, probably containing a little more vegetable fat than you’d think, and large tin of French beans, probably a little saltier than I’d normally eat and with half the nummy nutrients in the water. I also used some ketchup.

The melon half I didn’t use in the smoothie made a nice pre-dinner snack. Partly because I was a little peckish, partly because, probably through some weird kind of cultural osmosis, I have this idea that fruit should be eaten before a large meal rather than after. Or between large meals, whatever. No clue if there’s any truth to this, and I most of the time I don’t bother with it, but occasionally I do.
Also, I’d rather not leave half a melon laying around for too long.


Rösti thingies, ketchup, and French beans nicely arranged to look like some weird kind of flower.
Tasty and quick, this all. Still, I should maybe buy a little less instant food.


The woman who writes the nutrition data blog replied to my comment! Yay!



1. VeggieGirl - April 12, 2008

haha, I love how you call your meals “lazy” – they always look delicious to me!! :0)

hooray for your comment being responded to!!

2. tuimeltje - April 12, 2008

:) They’re tasty, that’s true. It’s just that some things involve very little effort and it’s easy to go for this kind of thing rather than the slightly (but not much) more time-intensive and probably a good deal more wholesome meals.

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