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Tofu Jar April 14, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.

For this dinner, which I ate yesterday (today is some more of that not-bami with the leftover tofu), I made something I’d intended to make days ago.
And added some couscous in an attempt to make it more like what other people seem to eat. Proper grain base or whatever.
Of course, I forgot the garlic. It’s been ages since I’ve properly used garlic, which is a bit weird for me. Normally I chuck it in every possible dish, which is probably why my mum occasionally tells me I smell somewhat macrobiotic.

The veg:
yummy stuff
(ignore the spotty bits. It’s a student kitchen and technically Flatemate’s unofficial part of the counter. Mine was, and still is, too full with dishes to use)

Notice the browned bits on the leek? Yeah. Days ago.
The tomatoes were a little soft in places, but that suited my purposes. The bell pepper didn’t look that shiny either, but this was the way I bought it. It’s not from the regular big chain supermarket with fascist and pointless beauty standards, obviously. Really, nothing about this less-than-optimally-fresh look made any difference to the taste, so supermarkets suck at some things.

I actually bothered to marinade the tofu a little more thoroughly than I usually do. I’d intended to let it lounge on a small plate, soaking up some shoyu, easy. But this time, this time, I thought I’d add some of that lovely liquid smoke and have every cube covered properly. Since my otherwise lovely and useful plates aren’t exactly equipped for that unless I want to mess about with turning the cubes regularly, I tried being vaguely inventive with what I had on hand. No MacGyver-worthy feats accomplished, but I did make good use of the mostly-empty pb jar, the only empty jar around that was unlikely to have mould inside.
I simply chucked in the cubed tofu and added the liquid mix and shook it occasionally. As an added bonus, I got some of the peanut butter still left in it.

Jarred tofu:
tofu jar

While this was a neat idea and I’m most chuffed with myself, I should prepare a little more marinade next time I do something like this. The tofu I used wasn’t in any way pressed, so it didn’t soak up as much of the shoyu as I’d have liked it to. The end result was tasty enough, but could’ve had more flavour.
I think I’ll be use the jar-thing more often. It was neat and convenient and I love new ways of using old jars.

While I had most of the veg in the frying pan, I realised I could eat this with couscous.
Nice idea, right?
In theory, yes.
Thing is, I kind of suck at couscous. I never quite know how much any given amount of the dry stuff will give me after I’ve let it play with the boily wet stuff, so I either end up with a lot or not very much at all. And since I’m a grains-with-my-vegetables kind of person rather than a vegetables-with-my-grains one, I prefer less couscous to more, so I’m rather cautious about how much I use.
It had been a while since I’d last made me some, so yesterday, I was very cautious.
So while I technically ate my veg with couscous, it was only about two-ish tablespoons and didn’t make much of a difference.
That’s okay, though. That’s kind of the way I like it.


Right after I took this picture I poured on the rest of the veg and the couscous became completely invisible. Hah! Take that, couscous!
Like I said, the tofu could’ve done with some more flavour, but it wasn’t bad, and the whole thing together was quite tasty.



1. VeggieGirl - April 14, 2008

Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of jarred tofu… interesting!!

Haha!! you made me laugh out loud with the “Hah! Take that, couscous!” comment :0D

2. tuimeltje - April 15, 2008

:) I’m not very good at grain bases…

It was fun and convenient. I’ll definitely try it again.

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