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Up! April 23, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in travel.

Remember when I posted about how the Nutrition Data blog ignored animal foods when going on about greening one’s diet?
I don’t know if it’s the comments left to that post or if they were pretty clued in to begin with and simply didn’t think of it for their nice list, but a bunch of their Earth Day-related posts have been all about eating plants because it’s good for our darling planet.

There’s a post about going vegetarian for a day (which could use a mention of maybe trying the thing for life), followed by a post about vegetarian protein (because that’s so difficult to find in plants), which is secretly all about the awesomeness of beans, and I also got a nice email about how some eco-conscious people have gone totally vegetarian, but how just a few vegetarian days a week can already make a difference.

While they don’t come on nearly as strong as I would on the issue (not to mention the lack of other relevant angles) and I couldn’t help but get ever so slightly sarcastic at times, this whole thing is making me all happy.

At the same time, some other people are making me happy as well. Yesterday we actually had band practice, and, since my pipes were still in someone else’s car, I actually went. Though I managed to miss the bit where the Germany trip was evaluated, I got a short summary during which I was also told that, should we do something like this again, they would make it clear to the organisation that they had a member with an alternative diet.
While this is in no way a guarantee I will get me some decent vegan meals (which isn’t a problem. I like taking care of myself on this one. Besides, the omnis have no guarantee they’ll get them some decent meals, either) and won’t stop me from bringing along my own food, I thought it was most lovely of the people to actually think of my dietary oddness without any prompting from me.

Aren’t I up-with-omnis today?



1. VeggieGirl - April 24, 2008

That’s definitely good news, that they’re posting about more veg-friendly topics!! Every little bit counts :0)

That IS lovely of the people to take your dietary needs into consideration!

You’re definitely “up-with-omnis” today, haha ;0)

2. tuimeltje - April 24, 2008

Very. :) It’s nice.

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