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Tortel April 24, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, review.
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Today I was lazy again and made something as close to insta-food as you can probably get without using a readymeal and a microwave.

While traipsing around the conveniently-located Globus, being not at all surprised at the German manufacurers’ tendency to chuck pointless and unnecessary animal products in their tinned readymeals, I came across some vegan tortellini. Since wrapped food makes me childishly happy, I bought me a pack.

Today I decided I should maybe eat that, as it looked convenient enough and didn’t need anything currently unwashed for the preparation. I only recently figured out that people put sauce on their tortellini. I always sort of assumed you just ate it plain, since there’s already stuff on the inside. So I figured I’d try it the way other people seem to do it for a change. I still had a jar of pasta sauce laying around I never seemed to get around to using, anyway.

Prepackaged food in all it’s plastic-wrapped glory:

I chucked the tortellini in a small pan of boiling water, drained it when I thought it was done (which was way before the ten minutes the instructions mentioned), added the sauce to let it heat up, and chucked the whole thing on a plate. Since I’ve not done my dishes in a good while, I didn’t have any of my deep plates more suited to this kind of meal. Also, this fork was all I had left of my cutlery.
Guess what I should do this evening?

Anyway, the result:

I’m glad I ended up going with the pasta sauce. It wasn’t a spectacular sauce by any means, and even my most half-hearted efforts would produce something superior, but the tortellini itself was as bland and boring as slightly salted food can be, so really needed something which had some flavour to make it at least half-way decent.
While bulky enough to keep me going, it’s hardly a meal worth repeating.

I should really stop buying vegan convenience foods just because they’re vegan. I’ve had similar stuff before and was similarly disppointed.
At least the minty Ritter Sport was most tasty. Should’ve bought more of that…



1. VeggieGirl - April 24, 2008

I LOVE pasta dishes!! Easy to make, yet taste like they took hours to prepare :0) Sorry that the sauce didn’t “wow” you – maybe next time?? Or better yet, try a sauce recipe!! I really love the tomato-spinach sauce recipe in the Eat, Drink & Be Vegan cookbook.

2. tuimeltje - April 24, 2008

Oh, there’s definitely good pasta dishes. This one, however, not so much.
Next time I should really make my own sauce, yes. It’s not in any way difficult, and can be a lot of fun. :)

3. Bonnie - April 25, 2008

I’m sorry the dish was so disappointing, the tortellini looked promising… I think I’m that way too, those things look very appetizing to me and I wouldn’t be able to resist buying them either, if I found some vegan ones. I once bought some vegan ravioli (with sauce and everything, all you had to do was heat it up!), but I didn’t eat it when I was there and kind of forgot about it when I got back home. Then I didn’t open the package until it was some time past its expiration date. It tasted kind of weird, so I threw it away. I’m still not sure whether the weird taste was because I’d waited so long to eat it or because it was just bad ravioli to begin with. oh well. Glad you at least enjoyed some good chocolate!

4. Bonnie - April 25, 2008

[to clarify, I meant to say I bought the ravioli in France. there should really be the possibility to edit your comments, at least for a minute or so after posting them… or maybe I should just think before posting? hmm.]

5. tuimeltje - April 25, 2008

Oh, yes. Editing possibilities would be grand. I’m glad at least posts can be edited. :)

Was is tinned ravioli? That stuff should be okay until a good while after that date.
I think I once got something with sauce already too, and it wasn’t as nice as I’d hoped it would be either. Oh well.

Chocolate is good. I don’t think they sell the minty Ritter Sport here, though…

6. Bonnie - April 26, 2008

It wasn’t tinned ravioli…
Oh, yeah, I took a picture of it (forgot about that). It’s the “Bjorg” ravioli on this picture.

I’ve never seen minty Ritter Sport, no. but I have never looked for it, either…

7. tuimeltje - April 26, 2008

Sojasun! Oh, wow! And Bjorg! I used to get that stuff when I lived there for a short while.
Did you see any Gaylord Hauser? Those products always made me giggle.

I’ve not specifically looked for it, either. I used to think only the marzipan one was vegan (their plain choc things have butterfat in it. Boo!), and I’ve seen that one around occasionally. I think…
Will see if I can find me some pepperminty choc here. Vivani has a minty chocolate bar, but I don’t thihnk it’s vegan.
Stupid people adding dairy things to plain chocolate.Grrr!

8. Bonnie - April 26, 2008

You lived in France? That’s cool!

I know, chocolate doesn’t need milk or butter or anything like that at all. Sigh. I think I’ve only tried one kind of Ritter Sport chocolate (before I was vegan) and didn’t really like that, but it might be worth looking for the marzipan one then!

9. tuimeltje - April 26, 2008

Yeah, for a few months in 2002. I went vegan there! It was excellent.

I’ve not yet tried the marzipan, even though I kind of like that stuff. Might get it next time I see it.

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