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Colours April 28, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dessert, dinner.
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Yesterday I did my dishes, which enabled me to actually properly cook again. Which was nice, since the veg I’d bought earlier was starting to get a little iffy.

The veg:
Pretty mangy, as usual.

I didn’t really know what to do with the lone beet, since I wanted my food to be very, very green. Adding that one beet would ruin that completely, so I had to think of something seperate to prepare with that. In the end I simply added the frozen aduki beans I still had left and made a little red mash for when I’d finished the green mash, which I made using the green ingredients.

Green mash:

Red mash:

While it was cooking, I occasionally tasted the red mash, and it didn’t really taste all that great. However, once it was done and I’d added some blobs of yofu, it was quite tasty. Yay!

The green mash tasted yum all on it’s own, but I ate it with some pumpernickel. Just to make it a little more filling and less intimidating (it was very green. Which shouldn’t be scary, but still).

I actually made me some dessert, too, something I very rarely do. I’d bought me some silken tofu and agave syrup a while back, with the intent of making me some chocolate pudding. It took me a while, but I finally did it. It’s very easy to make, though next time I’ll probably chuck in some more cocoa. It tasted slightly watery.
Or maybe I should just drain it better. That might help.

To make it look even better, I added some of the berries I’d bought on the market the day before for practically nothing.
It was good.

Brown, blue, and red:

I made good use of my immersion blender yesterday. Such a simple tool, yet so useful.


Last Saturday I got to leave work earlier because it was way quiet and I’d already worked a lot that week, so I went for a bike ride. I took some foodie pictures and tried to film spring animals (including licky bovines), but I still have to organise the pictures and edit the video bits (anyone know of a good .MOV editor for XP? Gotta see if I can get my camera to store videos in another format…) so it’ll probably take some time before you get more details about that food.



1. Bonnie - April 29, 2008

Love your colourful food! You’re right, it looks prettier separate than it would have if you’d mashed it all together. And blueberries and raspberries for practically nothing? Awesome.

2. tuimeltje - May 1, 2008

Thanks. :)

It was! A good few of the raspberries were a bit dodgy and needed eating (or freezing) rightaway, but the blueberries were all good.

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