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Now With More Protein! May 4, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, snack.
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Since we were too lazy to attack the pumpkin and didn’t feel like eating spaghetti again, we made some more rice with some more beans.

Ingredients used this time around:

As you can see, we did not use the exact same ingredients as we did previously. We used peas instead of sweet corn, added some supposed-to-be-spicy Alpro tofu strips (yes, I did buy a second container. The lightly spiced one, which probably lacks any kind of spice, seeing as this “spicy” one wasn’t anywhere near too spicy for my pepper-hating boyfriend), and totally forgot about the kale.
Still, it was good.

All mixed up:

This here is my dish, with the rice and beans hidden mostly under a tomato (cut up, visible on the left), not-too-spicy curry spice mix (that yellow-y patch in the middle), curry gewürz (that brown-red sauce on the left. Probably not the best of foods, seeing as the first ingredient is glucose-fructose syrup), and some harissa to make up for the lack of spicy from the tofu strips and the curry spice mix (the bright red blob near the tomato).
There’s still a little bit of rice and beans visible down South, between the tomato and the curry gewürz, to show what my boyfriend’s dish looked like.
Mine was probably tastier, though.

We spent part of the evening watching BSG (I’m only at late s2, so spoil me and die. srsly), and broke out the snack foods after we’d finished our rice and beans. Mostly Shanghai nuts and some chocolate, though I had intended to finally pop some corn and eat it with nutritional yeast. I’ve been told that stuff is good.
Will do so later.



1. Natalie - May 4, 2008


2. VeggieGirl - May 4, 2008

Looks delicious!!

Yeah, I second Natalie’s question – what’s BSG?? :0)

3. tuimeltje - May 4, 2008

BSG is short for Battlestar Galactica. It’s a U.S. sci-fi series. It’s great, but I’m very behind (it’s recently started it’s 4th season) so trying hard to avoid getting spoiled.

4. sinead - May 4, 2008

omg you crack me up! that sounds like such a perfect evening. rice beans, geeky tv and chocolate! can i visit?

5. tuimeltje - May 4, 2008

Sure! Vegans are always welcome.
I hope you don’t mind a messy room, though…

6. Bonnie - May 5, 2008

The spicy tofu strips really aren’t that spicy, are they? it’s weird. I remember liking them years ago, but I had some again a couple of days ago and they were really kind of bland.

I still haven’t made popcorn with nooch either. We should!

7. Tofufreak - May 5, 2008

yumm. im hungry now. :)
love the blog name btw :D

8. tuimeltje - May 8, 2008

@Bonnie :They’re not, no. Shame, really. I tried the lightly spiced ones, and those were just way salty. I can do better things to tofu myself, and I’m not even that confident in my tofu skills!

Nooch? That’s a cool word for it. Much shorter than nutritional yeast. We usually refer to it as powder or white powder, which generally makes me think of coke.

Thanks, Tofufreak!

9. Bonnie - May 8, 2008

I think the people at the PPK came up with that word :)

10. tuimeltje - May 8, 2008

Nice! I thought they might. :)

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