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Four Things May 8, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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I had intended to play with the pumpkin yesterday, but since that would require doing dishes, I decided I needed a little snack first to avoid getting grouchy while cooking my dinner.

While I was grabbing my rice cakes and jar of ajvar, I saw the tofu strips in the fridge, remembered the spinach in the freezer, and decided that those four things could make a proper meal. One which wouldn’t involve me having to do any dishes.
(Will have to do them today, though…)

Four things:

Ever noticed that most of my unprepared food pictures have four foodie things on them? It’s not on purpose or anything, and the end result generally contains more than four things, what with me adding all sorts later, but it is amusing.

I considered adding some garlic to the spinach, but I found out the bulb of garlic consisted of only four cloves.
Four pretty damn large cloves.
Since I don’t yet know whether I can use half a clove and store the rest (anyone know this?) and I didn’t want to smell terribly garlicy later, I thought I’d go without.

Mega cloves:

Rice cakes and ajvar: Easy food. Just spread the latter on the former, taking care not to spill any on, say, one’s trousers.

Result 1:
rice cakes

Nice, easy, tasty. Yay!

The spinach was a little more work, but not much. It mostly took a little more time, but a lot of that could be spent watching television. Originally I’d intended to just fry the lamelles de tofu légèrement épicées and munch them while waiting for the spinach to defrost, but as they were a bit salty and, as I had expected, rather bland, I thought I’d better eat them with something else so I added them to the spinach later on.
Though I did technically munch about half of them while waiting for the spinach to get to the appropriate temperature.
I’m like that.

Apart from the bland tofu bits, I also added some shoyu, sesame seeds, a few drops of sesame oil, and some of that Chinese 5-spice stuff to the spinach.

Result 2:

It was good. Most of the time I didn’t much taste the spices and sesame stuff, though. Maybe I didn’t stir it well enough.
Will try adding them earlier next time.



1. VeggieGirl - May 8, 2008

Those are DEFINITELY the largest garlic cloves that I’ve ever seen, haha.

Everything looks delicious to me!!

2. tuimeltje - May 8, 2008

Thanks. :)

Aren’t they huge? It was way weird opening it all up, trying to find a small one.

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