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Leaves May 9, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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When I did my grocery shopping, I came across some atriplex hortensis leaves, which is also known as Garden Orache, Red Orach, Mountain Spinach, and French Spinach, apparently. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a bunch of purple leaves with a slight spinach-y taste. I have no idea if they’re commonly eaten anywhere in this day and age though apparently some variation (and there are a good many) of this plant was eaten by social outcasts in Job’s day. Heh.
It’s fun, going all biblical on your food. Provided I don’t have to eat matzes, at least. I should make me some lentils again.

Anyway, back to leaves. Purple ones. All rich and fancy-looking, those. And quite tasty.

Rode Melde

I don’t really know what to do with them, so I made a basic salad with all my pretty purple leaves, a tomato, and some spices and olive oil.



I think I used a little too much oil, though. I’m not used to using oil much anymore, and generally don’t bother too much with dressings and the like, so I would’ve probably enjoyed it more without the oil. My lips are all greasy now.

While tasty, this is salad is hardly a meal. Since I once again neglected to do any dishes (beyond rinsing whatever I’d need for my legumes), I had that nice capucijner food again.



1. VeggieGirl - May 9, 2008

Wow, I never would have thought to make a salad with the atriplex hortensis leaves – GORGEOUS!!

2. tuimeltje - May 9, 2008

Thanks. :)
I probably wouldn’t have done it if I had randomly found these leaves somewhere outside, but now I might see if they actually grow around here somewhere. Or find a way to grow my own.

3. Bonnie - May 9, 2008

Whoaa that looks so pretty! I love the colours.

Ugh, dishes. Normally I don’t do them very often, but right now my parents are on holiday and I don’t feel like using the dishwasher only for myself so I have to do dishes now, too. Another batch waiting for me right now!

4. tuimeltje - May 9, 2008

Aren’t they lovely?

Good luck. ;) I just did mine, so I really should go and cook already. As soon as I have the money and enough dishes to actually fill one, I’ll probably get me a dishwasher, too.

5. Tofufreak - May 11, 2008

how are the hortensis leaves usually prepared? can u saute them or are they meant to be eaten as a salad?

6. tuimeltje - May 12, 2008

Dunno what people usually do with them. I just ate them raw, as a salad, because it was pretty like that and I didn’t have that much. But since it’s kind of spinach-y, I wouldn’t be surprised if it could be prepared in all the ways spinach can be.

Still, I think it’s a pretty rare thing to find in supermarkets here, and it’s usually not available in large quantities, so it’s probably mostly eaten as part of a salad where you won’t need much.

7. sinead - May 13, 2008

oooh. that looks fabulous. i love wild food!

8. tuimeltje - May 14, 2008

:) It’s pretty cool, yes. I’d love to find out more about actually foraging.

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