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Pro May 14, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast.

Recently I was reading Renee’s Gluten-Free vegan blog, where I came across this smoothie recipe.
While it sounds like an absolutely delicious smoothie, I didn’t make it. Mostly because I had practically none of the ingredients on hand.
It did, however, remind me that I had some probiotic powder laying around. I rarely use it because it’s a bit weird just mixed with water, but now I learned that it could be nice, or at least neutral, when added to smoothies.

smoothie ingredients

Pretty much the basic smoothie stuff, with the probiotics as a new thing.

Smoothie! (Taken before the 30mins wait)

The probiotics package instructed waiting half an hour before drinking the water+powder, so I figured the same would go for fruit+powder.

After a generous half hour, I had another look. It had gone a little weird, with a thick and bubbly layer on top. It kind of reminded me of injera but a little more fluid. It didn’t look icky, but it did look like it would be nicer if I mixed it up again, so I attacked it with my trusty immersion blender again, which made everything look like normal again.
It also smelled oddly like the batter for the banana pancakes out of Vegan Vittles I made occasionally shortly after I went vegan.
Probably the only thing I ever really made from any of the recipe books I own…
Anyway. Though both foods contain banana, it was still very strange to have this smoothie smell like that batter. I am now wondering if I ever chucked blueberries into the batter. I can’t remember if I did.



1. Renee - May 14, 2008

Hi! I’ve put a link on my blog to your blog. & I made another smoothie post today!

2. VeggieGirl - May 15, 2008

sounds like a great smoothie!

3. tuimeltje - May 15, 2008

@Renee: Thanks! I just checked out the smoothie post, and now I’m thinking I should really get my hands on some raw nuts and spirulina. :) At the very least it’ll bring some variation to my smoothie posts.

@VeggieGirl: It was lovely. :)

4. Celine - May 15, 2008

yum! I haven’t had a smoothie in…far too long.

5. tuimeltje - May 16, 2008

They’re tasty and quick, but I can get caught up in other things, too and not make them for months on end. Strange, really.

6. Natalie - May 16, 2008

Hillarious — I’ve never heard of anyone comparing a smoothie to inerja before !! I will never look at Ethiopian food the same again ;)

7. tuimeltje - May 16, 2008

:) I never quite expected I would, either. It sure is a good reason to chuck probiotic powder in smoothies more often. And to see if I can find an injera-serving restaurant nearby.

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