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Light May 15, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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Yesterday my aunt invited me over for dinner and since it was the anniversary of the Rotterdam Blitz, thought it would be nice if we’d go to something commemorative afterwards.

There was something at Plein 1940, a showing of old video footage from shortly after the bombing (It’s very strange looking at piles of rubble with roads through and people walking around. Hard to believe Rotterdam ever looked like that, and not that long ago, either), an older guy sharing his experiences and a song, and the mayor starting the lights that marked the fireline while we got to listen to Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten, a piece of music which I now rather love. (Here‘s a YouTube link to it. Go listen!)
It was quite impressive and I wonder how I managed to completely miss this event in all my previous Rotterdam-years. After looking at some pictures from last year, with the lights and the clouds making things look rather sci-fi, I rather regret not knowing about it.
I can’t wait until the plaques marking the fireline are up and I can walk it. Though the lights were pretty, it wasn’t easy to see the exact fireline from where I was standing.

Anyway, to the food. This is, after all, a food blog.
Since my aunt would probably not be home to eat the leftovers before they’d go bad, she gave them to me, which was very nice. She’d made some really cool food. Something beet-y, which she served with lettuce and avocado, and something pumpkin-y, which was served with a little oil ans some nuts.

The food:

I only have bits of what we ate together, but it’s still a pretty good meal. Now I just have to remember to return her containers and lend her that cookbook I bought a while back. It has the sort of recipes she’d like and I love encouraging people to cook more vegan things.



1. VeggieGirl - May 15, 2008

What a great anniversary event – very interesting!

Looks like an intriguing meal – yum! And kudos to you for encouraging your aunt to try more vegan recipes!

2. tuimeltje - May 16, 2008

It is. I think they’re not doing the lights again next year, though. We’ll see.

:) She doesn’t seem to need that much encouragement, though with her obvious vegan cooking skills I’m wondering why she’s not anywhere near going vegan.

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