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More Soup: Try Two May 16, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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A while back, I posted about my simple, basic vegetable soup, the one often made when I’m either lazy or have not been able (or bothered) to do groceries.
While easy and basic, it doesn’t usually have as much flavour as I like in my soups, so I thought I’d try and make it again, this time with some more stuff added.


To add more flavour, I added a teaspoon of marmite to it, and for extra nutrition, I added the leafy greens (frozen kale and dried something or other from the Chinese supermarket), the beans, and vermicelli, though since the vermicelli wasn’t any kind of wholemeal, I’m not sure those are actually all that nutritious. More to add bulk, really.
I probably added some spices too. A bay leaf, at the very least, and quite possibly some powdered stuff. I can’t really remember what, exactly.

The soup:

While nicer than the more basic version. the marmite didn’t really do that much, at least not on it’s own. So after the first bowl I added some shoyu and a bit of salt, which improved matters considerably.
Still not my favourite soup, but certainly not bad, either.

Somehow the black beans didn’t have much flavour. They probably need to be more closely surrounded by other foods rather than swimming in water. Maybe I’ll make some kind of chilli with the rest of them. Something where the other flavours can stick to them better.



1. VeggieGirl - May 16, 2008

Yum, what a fabulous-looking soup! Sorry about the black beans though – definitely add chili next time (spice ALWAYS “kicks up” the flavor).

2. tuimeltje - May 16, 2008

Thanks! :)
Yeah, next time I will try something more solid with the beans. I fear this soup may have been too watery.

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