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Quick May 18, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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During a rather lazy evening filled with watching a movie and playing Spider I didn’t really feel like cooking something with the veg I had laying around. So when I was starting to feel like eating dinner, I checked out my pantry for something just-heat-up.
With me trying not to buy stuff like that too often anymore, I didn’t have much. However, I only needed a little.
And I had a little.
Some curry thing, which, with a little bit of other stuff, could make a passable meal.


So the curry and the other stuff. Rice, tempeh, and pappadums. Often I’m too lazy to make rice, but this time I thought I’d do it anyway, make it seem more like a proper meal.
On other occasions I poured the sauce over some veg and didn’t bother with the rice, but I already had other plans for my veg, so I did it this way.
The pappadums were supposed to be garlic-y, but they didn’t really taste much like garlic. They were basically just crunchy and not very good on their own.


This is what it looks like all heated up. I only used half of the pappadums. If I’d used all of them, the stack would’ve been even higher.
It was a decent filling meal, but nothing particularly special.



1. VeggieGirl - May 18, 2008

I always love seeing the meals that you come up with, just with what’s available in your pantry – that dish looks FABULOUS!!

2. tuimeltje - May 19, 2008


3. Bonnie - May 30, 2008

Pappadums are… interesting? My parents really love them lately and I liked them the first few times I had them, but got bored with them later. They’re basically just very fatty and very salty and make me drink loads of water during my dinner because of that. I prefer naan bread with my curries and such, pity it’s harder to find that without animal ingredients…
anyway, looks like a yummy meal! I like that there’s tempeh in there, I’ve never had that in a curry…

4. tuimeltje - May 30, 2008

Which ones do you get? I’ve only ever had these, but I’d like to try ones from an actuan Indian restaurant some time.
I think I used to like them more than I do now, too. These days they’re just something crunchy to add to a meal, not something to eat as a snack.
Naan is good, yes. But it does often have yoghurt or some other milky thing in it for no good reason. This one time I watched part of some cooking show (no clue which one) and they made them from scratch. I think it was very quick and easy, and doing it that way you have complete control over the ingredients.

5. Bonnie - May 30, 2008

I get the pappadums from Pataks, too, so I think we have the same ones. Not sure if mine are supposed to be garlicky, too, though, I didn’t even know there were different flavours!
Oh yeah, I made naan myself once! it was easy, yet I have only done it once… I used a pretty simple recipe. I just made some dough, let it rise for a while and then fried it in a skillet and it came out pretty nice and fluffy! I would add some more spices and other flavourings next time, though, because it was a bit bland. But yeah, it’s worth making it yourself! Maybe I should just make a big batch of it and freeze that…

6. tuimeltje - May 30, 2008

I got these from the Chinese supermarket, so they might be different from the regular supermarket ones. Didn’t taste much different, though.

Really? That’s good. And it doesn’t need an oven? Even better!
IIRC, the labels on the store-bought ones sometimes mention that they can be frozen at home, so I guess that would go for home-made, too. So do it!

7. Bonnie - June 7, 2008

Nope, no oven for that particular recipe! that’s why I chose to make that one :)

8. tuimeltje - June 8, 2008


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