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Icicle May 22, 2008

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Yesterday I stopped by the organic grocer for some fruit and veg and some breakfast things.

Among other things, I bought some of that large chard (or whatever the English word for snijbiet is), some tomatoes, the vine of which had a peculiar yellow glow that fascinated me, and some tiny daikon-like things called ijspegels (icicles), which I thought was just too adorable even though I’m not particularly fond of radish-y foods.


At the time it seemed like ingredients for a nice salad to accompany whatever soup I was planning to make in my spiffy new 5l pan, but when I got home and played with the internet for a bit, I learned that those large chard leaves can be rather bitter when eaten raw, so I thought it might be nicer stir-fried and I decided the soup could wait.
I defrosted some tempeh, made some gingery-y sauce using shoyu, random spices, and some of the passata I still had left from earlier (and actually added a tiny bit of cocoa. Totally Sinead‘s fault. To be honest, it didn’t seem to do much, but I’ll keep at it), and one of the tomatoes, and chucked the whole thing into my frying pan in what I assumed would be the correct order (tempeh, leafy stuff, chopped tomato, sauce) and waited until I figured it’d be done.
Somehow I didn’t expect the darling icicles to go well with this, so I’m just randomly snacking on them.
Not more than two at the time, though. Any more will be too much radish for me.


I again neglected to prepare a proper grain base and I was too lazy to prepare the leftover pappadums, so it’s a pretty basic meal.
Nice, though.
I’m starting to really appreciate sautéed leafy greens, though I still have to figure out what sauce would be nicest to add. Probably something simpler than what I concocted.

The tempeh seems a little off, however. While it’s pleasant enough when its built-in flavour is hidden by some kind of sauce, it’s not that good on it’s own. I’m not sure if it’s this batch or whether I went wrong with storing it somewhere, but it’s a bit annoying. I have one more part of this batch (I tend to cut it in three and freeze it) and I’ll probably crumble it into some tomato-y sauce.
Might even make some pasta to go with it.
No promises, though.

Because I can’t currently think of tomatoes without thinking of a particular Fry&Laurie sketch, I thought I’d best share the fun:

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to use the word cancie-wancie in front of a patient during my future career. Or the smack-faerie…



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