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Two Things May 22, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in administrative, non-food veganness.
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For some non-foodie stuff, two things.

One, I made me a nifty custom header to replace the spacey one.
I loved the spacey one, and I’m all in favour of outer space photography in general (Nasa has a whole bunch of them available online, if you, too, are into that sort of thing), but it wasn’t particularly vegan-related.
So I thought I’d make my own. I like the GIMP, and I’d taken some pictures of a pretty lilac shrub in a nearby park and didn’t think putting the two together to produce something acceptable would be too difficult.
Now I know lilacs aren’t commonly eaten and don’t generally tend to make a person think of veganism, but they’re among my favourite trees. We had one in the garden of the house where we lived when I was younger, and I always loved that one.
Besides, it has twigs. That makes it sort of related to my blog, right?

A quick Google search told me that the flowers are actually edible, so I really want to find something fun to do with them now and properly associate them with vegan food. Or do something with other edible flowers. Not sure it’s advisable to eat ones from a public park, though.
The lilac is related to the olive tree, apparently. I’d never have guessed that.

Two, I have some more Nutrition Data-love.
After having some nice info about vegetarianism around Earth Day, Nutrition Data recently put up a profile of Troy Loferski, a vegan body builder, showing all the world, or at least the part of the world that reads the Nutrition Data blog, that it’s perfectly possible to be a muscle-loving athlete while being vegan.

I already knew this, of course, but the rest of the world doesn’t seem particularly aware of all the joys of veganism, so posts like this on omni (or at least not specifically vegan) blogs make me happy.



1. VeggieGirl - May 23, 2008

I LOVE your new header!! Haha yes, it’s related with the twigs ;0)

I also have been following Troy’s blog – it’s fabulous!!! I showed it to my personal trainer, and he was VERY impressed :0)

2. tuimeltje - May 23, 2008

Thanks! :)

He has a blog? How cool! Do you happen to have the link for it? The Google won’t give it to me for some reason…

3. Troy Loferski - May 29, 2008

tuimeltje, you can watch my training video here:

You can view more progress pictures of me (I just posted my 8 month progress pics) here:


My DIET log here:


My TRAINING log here:


Thanks tuimeltje and VeggieGirl :)

4. tuimeltje - May 29, 2008

Troy, thank you very much for those links! It’s very interesting to read and the progress you’ve made looks great.

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