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Not-Bami May 24, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner.
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A few days ago I bought some pre-cut/washed/prepare/whatever stir-fry veg which really needed eating. I kept putting it off for very important reasons I completely forgot, but in the end I made some anyway because if I hadn’t, the veg would’ve gone bad.

The veg along with all the other stuff I used:

I made sure to chuck in the seitan since I have some vague plans of trying a short-term gluten-free project in the near future. Or at least wheat-free, I might still use me some oatmeal (or is that also gluten-free?). There are no health reasons for me to do so, and I do generally quite like wheat-based things, but I would like to try going without for a while. Partly to see if it makes any kind of difference to my general well-being, and partly just because it seems like an interesting challenge.
Though if I buy any of the bread, it’d better have more flavour than the stuff they briefly had at a restaurant where I used to work years ago when they had a coeliac customer. That stuff was vile.

Anyway, back to the more current food. It’s kind of like the
bami I made some time ago except not really. Well, the method of preparation is pretty much the same (except that this time I accidentally burned bits), but the result had a very different taste due to the different veg and spices used.


It was quite nice, and quite different from what I expected. As I only used half the pre-prepared veg and froze the leftover half, I might just try and make it again. Provided I still have some pepper left, at least.



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