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Calcium! June 1, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in lunch.
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Last week I bought me a decent bit of broccoli. I didn’t consider I’d not spend many days at home in the near future, so I had to think of something besides the basic steam/boil/stir-fry it with other bits.
And think of it quickly, too.

Since a meal would be impractical, I thought I’d make me something spreadable for on bread. I had some vague memories of a basic veggie purée or dip or whatever from Kate Wood’s Eat Smart Eat Raw, which was (IIRC, of course. I have the book here somewhere but am too lazy to look it up) very simply some random veg puréed with tahin, so I figured I could make something like that without too much trouble.
Technically I steamed the broccoli, so it’s not any kind of raw, but then I’m not a raw vegan. While I have nothing against raw broccoli, I doubt my immersion blender is capable of dealing with it and I didn’t want to find out. I only have one and I’d be right miffed if I’d have to go out and buy me a new one.

For this project I actually did some googling for nice spices because I wanted it to turn out well and do something beyond the basic veg+tahin, since I was not entirely sure a purée that simple would be particularly interesting. Usually I just chuck in a bunch of spices and hope it’ll end up tasting good, but this seemed like the kind of thing where one’d want to be a little less random.
Without too much effort I found found this article about broccoli cultivation. Not sure the nutritional info is correct (isn’t vit D pretty rare in plants?), but it had some spice info, and that’s what I was after.

Stuff used:

The bottom jar contains coriander seeds, and the mysterious plastic baggie is dried thyme. I’ve had it for a good while, so it’s probably not as flavourful as it once was, but still. Might as well try and see if it makes a difference.
I also added some sereh, but didn’t think of that until after taking the picture. I wanted to give it a more lemon-y flavour. I should really start just buying lemons already so I can use the juice and zest for all kinds of cool things.
I considered adding cumin, but didn’t because it wasn’t in that list. Neither was coriander, but since I was going for the lemon-y, I figured I should use that one regardless.

End result:

While it has a pleasant enough taste, it’s rather mild on it’s own. It could’ve done with the addition of some garlic or harissa. While it was a little late to add garlic, I made sure to also spread some harissa on the next batch of sandwiches I made when using the spread on the rest of that loaf of bread the next day for my Saturday activities (Being Prepared again. And making sure to not waste most of a loaf of bread, of course). It was much better that way.
While I wasn’t exactly stingy with the spread, I still have a bit left. I chucked in in my freezer in the hopes I’d be able to use it later, though I might chuck it in some soup or something.
With some tweaking and adding of fluids it might make a decent dip as well, but I’ll probably not do that to the little bit I have left. Maybe next time.

I made an attempt at using the recipe analyser thingie on NutritionData, and you might be able to check the results here. I’m not 100% sure, though. You might need to be logged in as me to see it.
Also, I’m not sure I did it correctly. I only analysed the two main ingredients, not the added spices and such, I have no clue how much the broccoli I used weighed and if the analysis includes the stalk, nor do remember just how much tahin I used, so I suspect it’s showing a little less nutrition than what I actually ended up. Also, it shows the whole batch as one serving.
Still, it’s fun. And regardless of the exact nutrition facts, I’m pretty sure this food is on the healthy side.
I expected it to contain more calcium, though…

ETA: Today I defrosted it, and it looks and taste fine, so I’d say it freezes well enough.



1. VeggieGirl - June 1, 2008

Sounds like a great book and a great recipe – I too thought it’d have more calcium… ah well.

2. tuimeltje - June 1, 2008

Yeah.. I’m not sure I did the input right, but still. I’d expect a lot more calcium even with smaller servings.

The book is nice. It’s written from a UK perspective so uses foods not too hard to find here. It’s also fairly basic and not too dependent on specialty equipment I don’t have. A few recipes use a dehydrator or a juicer, but most can be made with basic kitchen equipment.
I’ve not made much from it, though. But then I very rarely make things from cookbooks.

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