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Hasta La Pasta June 3, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in review, snack.
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While on my way to visit the boyfriend, I got a little peckish. Not unexpected, seeing as lunch was rice cakes and a bit of chocolate. So when I had to switch trains at Brussel Noord/Bruxelles Nord and had some spare time between trains, I thought I’d check out the nearby GB express to see if they had some quick vegan food.

They had a bunch of salads, and one of the pasta salads actually looked vaguely vegan (the veg ones all seemed to have dressings, which tend to be full of weird things) so I figured I’d check the label. I checked the whole damn thing but was unable to find the ingredient list until I gave the container a good shake and looked at the bottom of the container lid.
That’s right, they put the ingredient list somewhere you’d not be able to properly read it until you open the container. Something the staff doesn’t like you doing before you’ve actually paid for it.

Still, they had the good sense of putting the allergy info on the outside. That’s something, I suppose.

Some more shaking, a good bit of squinting, and taking into account the allergy information led me to conclude it was most likely vegan, so I bought it. If it had turned out to not be vegan after all, I’d have gone back in to return it with a polite (but Dutch. Apart from not being too confident at French, I would not have been in too a polite a mood and would’ve expected Brussels Belgians to be able to speak both the city’s languages, no matter how much they generally seem to dislike speaking Flemish) explanation.
Luckily (the check-out woman was friendly and didn’t look like she needed the hassle) this wasn’t necessary as the salad was indeed vegan. Okay, so ten out of ten for selling random prepared vegan food, but minus several million for good thinking, yeah?

Horribly flou pic of container containing bland and somewhat filling food:

See? It’s a big label. Big enough to print both the Dutch and French ingredient lists somewhere.
Big enough to put up a little box telling us that customers thought this was a Good Product, apparently. Don’t you think the actual ingredients have some priority over that?
And this is just the one side, too. The other side was simply a bunch of red with some random and utterly forgettable print. No letters. But plenty of room for some.

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know how this “fresh” salad will keep until August (or July. I forget), which is should be able to do according to the label. Before I ate it, that is.
Best not to think about it, really.



1. VeggieGirl - June 3, 2008

The ingredients list was on the bottom?? How bizarre, haha.

2. celine - June 3, 2008

hello, best title ever!

3. tuimeltje - June 3, 2008

@VeggieGirl: Yeah, it was. Never came across such silliness before.

@Celine: Thanks. :)

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