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Two Things Again June 3, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in non-food veganness.

One, I got me a new SIGG bottle before the weekend. I was going to spend a day away from home, and I’d like to have some water with me, so I checked out some outdoor/sports places for them. I came across a hqlf-off blue 1l one at the first place I checked, and while I had a whiny “not my lovely pretty yellow bottle” moment, I got it anyway. It took me less time to get used to the new colour scheme than it did to get used to the new bottle cap (there’s a difference between the sportbottle top and the bottle top and I lost a good bit of water figuring it out), and I ended up paying only E6,- for it, which is less than I expected even with the -50%, so I’m all happy with it.

I think they had some kind of minor sale on, at least at the outdoors department, because a few other things were marked down as well. I got me two of those carabiner thingies for my keys for maybe a fifth of the original price. And I’d been looking for those for a while, too, since the key clip I was using before was a bit loose so the keys wouldn’t always stay on too well. Which is bad, and could well lead to lost keys, but now I’ve remedied it. Yay!

Picture of the new bottle:

Two, that day away (the day for which I was Preparing earlier) unexpectedly got me near AAP, a sanctuary for exotic animals. I’ve read about their work and it makes me happy, so I thought I’d share some shaky videos of the monkey islands.

Barbary macaques (probably):


Apart from my piperly duties and watching the monkeys, I played around with bows and arrows and did not want to withhold you the results. (I also aquired a tin whistle, but as yet my skills are pretty much non-existent so I’ll not go on about that.)

Results after regular bow:

Results after cross bow:

The one in the black part is not mine but from the person before me. Everyone got three arrows, and two of mine ended up really close together in the red part zhich isn’t easily visible on the picture.
Seeing as this was my first time ever, I think I did pretty well, and I’d like to do it some more because of the whole Robin Hood thing. Maybe I should ask my dad about that St. Sebastian club of his…

Tiny three, while I seem to have a decent grasp on spelling, at least English spelling, the dessert/desert difference doesn’t really seem to register properly. I know the difference, but I keep forgetting which word to spell how exactly so I mess up half the time. It’s not that I’m thick, my brain is just kind of weird at times. Just FYI.



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