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GF Log – Day 1 June 8, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in food.
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Gluten-free food log, day 1


  • A container of Provamel Soya Yofu fruits rouges (yeah, the whole thing. It was getting close to the best before date). Not sure how this is different from that good old-fashioned fruits des bois Yofu, but whatever. (gluten-free according to their site)
  • Lunch

  • Zonnatura popcorn-rice cakes (gluten-free according to site) with ajvar and the defrosted broccoli spread (no clue about these things. Probably, though). It freezes pretty well.
  • A plum.
  • Half an Ogen melon. I think that’s what it’s called. It looked rather like a darker and rather overgrown gooseberry.
  • Dinner

  • Watercress, carrot, and chickpea soup.
  • Hummus with 3Pauly corn crackers.
  • Snacks

  • Bit of chocolate (Tony Chocolonely, gluten-free according to their site).
  • Packet of salt&vinegar crisps (suitable for coeliacs according to the package).
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    1. VeggieGirl - June 8, 2008

    Sounds good so far! :0)

    2. tuimeltje - June 9, 2008

    It was! :)

    3. Bonnie - June 9, 2008

    Looks great! good to see living gluten-free isn’t as hard as one might think. Not that I thought it would be hard anyway, as that’s the thing most people think about veganism which turns out to be wrong as well.

    Salt and vinegar crisps scare me. I think I tried them once (those might’ve been Pringles) and absolutely hated them, so steered clear of them ever since. Maybe I should give them another try. Maybe.

    4. tuimeltje - June 9, 2008

    Yeah, it’s not too difficult so far. Of course, it helps that I’m no longer too dependent on insta-foods and the like. I can imagine that it’s a lot more difficult at first if you suddenly have to do this, and would like to eat like normal still.
    There are probably some sneaky tricky things I’m not seeing yet and eating elsewhere is something I haven’t yet tried, but since I’m doing it as an experiment rather than out of necessity, I have the luxury of not needing to worry too much about getting it right.

    Salt and vinegar crisps are an acquired taste. One which I haven’t quite acquired yet, but that doesn’t stop me from acquiring packets of that stuff whenever I come across it. *sigh* Silly brain.

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