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Oh, Belgium June 8, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food, travel.
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While Belgium is closeby and not too different culturally and linguistically (well, Flanders, anyway), there are some minor differences. Some involve keyboards (stupid AZERTY!), some involve slightly different meanings for certain words, and some involve food.
For instance, they like their chips. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but the area where my boyfriend lives has a pretty high density of chip shops. Generally the sort that rather smells like, well, an old-fashioned frietkot (I’m still suspicious about what they use for frying).
They also seem to be hugely distrustful of Dutch chips for no good reason, but whatever.

Proper home-made Belgian chips:
Made by my boyfriend’s grandmother, basic marinated tofu made by me.

Another thing that’s ever so slightly different is the bread. While it is a basic food just as much in the Netherlands as it is in Belgium, it seems to have even more of a significance there. I can’t quite describe it, and it may just be a difference between families rather than between countries, but still. Belgian bakeries have bread-vending machines. That’s different.

vending machine

Also, they are, again, somewhat distrustful of Dutch bread. I think it’s something to do with the way it keeps longer, probably due to the addition of certain additives.
The lack of (at least some) additives might explain why bakeries are open on Sundays as well. At least I think they are. I’m pretty sure we stopped by one on a Sunday once.

Not so much a difference, but a food that’s not commonly found here. Chervil soup.
No picture of that since I didn’t eat any this time, but occasionally my boyfriend’s mum makes a batch when I visit, and it’s absolutely lovely stuff.

Some more foodie things we did involved visiting a local vegetarian restaurant and stopping by Stonemanor for some Brit food.


While I don’t actually like crisps, I tend to find a packet of Walkers salt and vinegar incredibly hard to resist. It’s really only because the stuff’s not available here at all outside of shops catering to expats and the occasional Britain-related festival.
At least I managed to not buy the Irn Bru.

I didn’t get as much as I’d expected and easily stayed within my self-imposed limit. It helped that TruFree seems to have done away with the puddings (they also changed the ingredients of their custard cream and bourbon biscuits so they now include milk. I had no intention of getting those, but still. Grrr) and there were no ingredient lists for the many frozen bagels they had.



1. celine - June 8, 2008

your chips are making me weep for joy.

2. tuimeltje - June 8, 2008

No chips like that in CA?

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