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Not Couscous June 11, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food.
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The leftover coriander leaves and the minty Moroccan tea I made earlier with mint still left over made me think I should maybe make me some vaguely Moroccan food. Like couscous (yeah, that’s pretty much as far as my knowledge about Moroccan food goes. I’m vaguely aware of the existence of tajines, but have no experience with them), but without the gluten.
So, quinoa. I’ve had some around for ages, but I rarely do anything with it, which is a bit of a shame. This seemed like a nice opportunity to use it.

Stuff I used:

I totally forgot the bell pepper I had laying around. I guess I’ll find some other use for it later.

Anyway, what I did. I thought I’d have a try at writing it up with a bit more detail for a change.

First I roasted some spices (yellow mustard, coriander seeds, cumin) in a dry pan before bashing them using the ever-lovely mortar and pestle. I didn’t use too much, next time I might use a bit more.

After that I fried the chopped smoky tofu and onion together in some oil for a few minutes. Until the tofu had a nice, crunchy exterior.
Then I added the chopped courgette and let it brown for a bit.
Then the mashed garlic.
Not long after I added the chopped carrot and the chickpeas. It was about here that I added the bashed spices.
Then I added the chopped tomato. I grated the lemon peel from a few days ago and sprinkled it on.
I’d put the apricots in some water to soak. No clue if this is in any way useful, but I did it anyway. After adding the tomato I took them out of the water and chopped them before adding them to the frying pan.
I rinsed the lemony grater in the soaking water and then added the soaking water to the frying pan before putting a plate on it so it could simmer covered-like for a while.
Near the end I put on some freshly-ground pepper, some salt, and some harissa
The whole time I made sure to stir regularly.

During all this I’d also put on the quinoa (which I didn’t stir), with one part of rinsed quinoa chucked into two parts of water. More-or-less, anyway. I fear I may have used a little too much water. Apparently I suck as much at quinoa as I do at couscous. I didn’t end up with particularly much of it here, either.
When the quinoa was done, I put it on my plate and mixed it up with some chopped coriander leaves. I didn’t use nearly as much as I expected I would, so I’ll have to think of another thing to do with what I have left.
When the mixing was done, I added the veg to my plate and took a picture (see below). After that I put on some more veg and stirred it all up and ate it.

more yay

I’m pretty pleased with it. Especially the addition of the apricots. They add a very nice flavour.
Next time, though, I’ll add a little more of the dry spices. I’m content with the amount of coriander leaves, but all other things could be used a little more liberally, just to make the flavours that little bit stronger.

I’m really liking this smoky tofu. When baking it, I feel as if I should be adding some keukenstroop to it, as if it’s bacon pancakes.
The smoky flavour was a little lost in this dish, though. Soaked up too many other flavours.

ETA: Adding a bag of basic green tea improved the flavour of the mint tea. It doesn’t seem to have added any noticeable flavour of its own, just enhanced the minty flavour. A bit odd, but I’m not complaining.



1. Bonnie - June 11, 2008

Mmm this is making me hungry. I love Maroccan meals like that (though I don’t know much about that kind of cuisine, either. I always love those dishes with lots of vegetables and sweet but somewhat spicy flavours…)

2. VeggieGirl - June 11, 2008

Looks delish!

3. tuimeltje - June 11, 2008

@VeggieGirl: Thanks! It was good. :)

@Bonnie: :) It definitely looks like a cuisine worth playing with.

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