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Rice Noodly June 18, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food.
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Today, a proper food post again.
Last Monday I had the day off and took advantage of that. Mostly y doing bugger-all, but I also thought I’d stop by the floating Chinese supermarket. Some of the food I got there I had for lunch that very same day, but some things needed more preparing.

Like these things:

I already had the smoky tofu and I got the ginger today, but the long, thin aubergines and the gai choy I got there. I also got some rice noodles (and green tea noodles, but those’ll have to wait as they’re wheat ones). My standard idea with this kind of food is to chop it up and fry it, and that’s exactly what I did here.
First I fried the chopped up tofu, then I added some chopped onion, then I added one chopped aubergines (haven’t thought of what to do with the other two. Suggestions most welcome), and then I added the chopped gai choy in batches and let that get all nice and wilty.
When the veg was pretty much done, I fixed up some of that rice noodle (only required three minutes in warm water. Most convenient) and added that to the pan.
At random points I added bits of a gingery sauce I’d made which was basically ginger, tamari, some spices, and a lot of water since used the wrong grater an had to rinse it to get any of the ginger. D’oh! Worked out okay, though, what with basic evaporation and all.


I didn’t expect much flavour from the rice noodles, but they were actually quite nice. Not a very strong taste, and it’s possible they got a good deal of the flavour from the sauce, but that doesn’t really matter if it tastes good, now does it?
As I only used about 1/4th of the package, I still have a fair bit of the rice noodle left, and I look forward to trying more things with it and finding out just how much flavour it has.
Apart from that and the two other aubergines, I also have a good bit of the gai choy left. I’m thinking of making some kind of soup with it or something. Just your basic boil-n-blend. Or blend-n-boil. Not sure about the specifics yet apart from the general idea that perhaps aubergines should not be added to it.



1. Bonnie - June 19, 2008

That looks so tasty! I don’t have many ideas for the leftover aubergine, except just adding it to whatever dish you’re going to make and maybe make some baba ganoush? A soup for the gai choy sounds delicious! I’d really like to go and visit one of those Chinese supermarkets you mentioned sometime, sounds like they sell a lot of interesting things.

2. tuimeltje - June 19, 2008

Thanks. :)
Don’t the aubergines need to be roasted for baba ganoush? I can fry them, but I don’t have a way to roast (or bake, or grill) them…

Next time you’re in Rotterdam, go! They’re a lot of fun. There are also some more Surinam ones. I’ve not properly checked those out yet, though.

3. Bonnie - June 19, 2008

Yeah, I guess you’d need an oven to make proper baba ganoush, but maybe there’s a way around that… This recipe just calls for a stove, maybe that would be a method you could use? If I come accross some nice recipes that have aubergine in the next few days I’ll let you know! :)

I did visit some Chinese-type stores in Rotterdam once and bought some silken tofu there, but haven’t been to one since. I almost got lost that time, too, ha. Could you maybe give me an address of a good place, so I know where to go?

This gluten free experiment of yours is very interesting to read about, by the way!

4. tuimeltje - June 19, 2008

Thanks. :) It’s fun to do, too.

Thanks for the recipe. It looks doable. I’ll see if I can try it next week.

There is one large one pretty early on the West-Kruiskade, Wah Nam Hong, walking distance from C.S. Left side of the street if you’re coming from C.S. Just before the little park and Nighttown. It’s pretty obvious once you’re walking past it.
That street has various ethnic shops and I should really check the food-related ones more thoroughly.

The floating one, New Ocean Paradise, is behind the Park and the Euromast. If you walk through the park and past the Euromast towards the water (not the Maas but Parkhaven) you’re likely to see a bunch of restaurant boats. Sometimes they’re out, but the Chinese one is, as far as I know, always there. It’s pretty easy to spot once you’re at that street, the way it’s so very clearly influenced by Chinese architecture.

I’m not sure, but I think this one is a bit cheaper than the one near C.S., but it’s not as near the other shops as the West-Kruiskade one and it’s not as easy to randomly find. Still, it’s a nice walk near the park and back to the city centre if you follow the Maas.

By the way, I’m perfectly willing to show you around for a bit if I’m in town. I’m not sure I know all the cool places, but I can find my way to at least two Chinese shops.

5. tuimeltje - June 19, 2008

ETA: Not doable. :( It needs a gas stove with a proper flame. I think they don’t really trust students with open fire because our place has an iffy electric stove rather than a proper gas one.
Might try a candle, though…. Should have me one of those somewhere.

6. Bonnie - June 20, 2008

Thank you for explaining! :) I must have at least passed by the one on the West-Kruiskade, but I’m not sure if I actually entered it. I’d like to visit the other one, too, as I normally never visit that area when I’m in Rotterdam (it’s always either the koopgoot or the cinema, rarely anything else). The floating supermarket itself sounds great as well – I like look of the website, and the fact that it’s floating… I’m sure I’d be able to find both places, but it’d still be cool to meet up! Sorry the baba ganoush recipe isn’t doable for you. I guess It could work with aubergine that has been heated on the stove, but then it’s just as good used in other dishes. I usually just eat it over pasta with a sauce – I’m interested to see what you’re going to make with it!
I had falafel + aubergine + hummus again today, by the way, but it wasn’t as good as the last time I had it. I think it was because the aubergine was cold this time and it’s warm or at least lukewarm at other Maoz places (this was the one in Leiden). Sooo yeah, my point is, I guess aubergine should be eaten warm. Except maybe in baba ganoush.

7. tuimeltje - June 22, 2008

:) You’re most welcome. That area of Rotterdam is pretty nice, t still has old, pre-war houses. Not much else along the lines of shops, though.

I still might try the baba ganoush thing using a candle. A flame’s a flame, right? I just wish I had a pair of thongs to properly hold them.
As I have two abuergines left and recently purchased some plain Yofu, I think I will use one for that baba ganoush and one for some peanutty dish I found on PPK while looking for peanut-related recipes (I think I put the link in the peanutty post).
I suppose some kind of ratatouille could be made as well, but for that I’d have to buy a whole bunch of other things.

Shame the falafel+auberinge+hummus wasn’t that good this time around. I’ll make sure to ask if the aubergine is warm when I visit Maoz.

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