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Peanuts June 19, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food.
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I’m experimenting with how my posts show up in feeds for a bit. I think I changed the settings from “show all” to “show just a little bit so you have to click on to my blog to read the whole thing, yes you do *cackles*”. If it’s not showing up like that, please tell me about it. If it is showing up like that and it’s oh my god so totally annoying, please also tell me. I can change it back, no problem.

Okay, on to the actual food.
With the leftover gai choy and me looking up some stuff about that yesterday and finding some similar leafy green, collard greens, was an important part of Soul food got me thinking of Surinam food, a leap which might actually make some kind of sense somewhere.
Now I’m not too familiar with Surinam cuisine beyond the good old bara and the roti, but with the history of slavery and subsequent cheap labour immigration, it’s turned into a right melting pot with all kinds of cool foods definitely worth trying out some time.
Provided I get to skip the Madame Jeanette, at least. She looks all sweet and innocent, but she’s not. Not at all.

Anyway, while I’ve not actually eaten much Surinam food, I have picked up random bits of information about it and always assumed that peanut soup was part of that cuisine.
And with liquid peanut butter sounding really quite good to me, I’ve been meaning to try and make me some of that for years now.
I never imagined using greens in it, though. Still, that’s no reason to dismiss the idea rightaway, now is it? A quick google search got me this (Dutch site, there’s an English recipe here, which has no green bits, but has taugé. While looking for that, I found this peanutty aubergine recipe. Might be worth a try one day) recipe, which looked perfectly doable provided I leave out the sherry and chicken, and sub gai choy for bok choy/pak soy/whatever.
Other changes I made was blending the stalks through the bouillon, adding some ginger (I had some left, and this recipe? Just screamed “ginger”. I don’t care what the ingredient list claims) and not being too precise on the ingredients (am I ever? As if).

I skimmed a few other recipes, but none included greens, and they demanded Madame Jeanette be added. No can do, I’m afraid. Not getting burned twice. Not that adding a whole red pepper is the way to make things mild. Um.

peanutty ingr

After not quite following the recipe, I got this:

The soup.

It didn’t have as strong a peanutty flavour as I’d hoped, though I’m not too surprised. It’s definitely there, just a little mild. This means I will have to make it again, but without the green. Shame. Such a chore.
It smells very peanutty, though.
Apart from not being very peanutty, it’s also not as spicy as I had expected. I guess your basic red pepper does pack less of a punch than your basic Madame Jeanette. However, it is very nice and warm. Very comfortable soup, this.
While it’s nice eating once it’s cooled just a little, the green bits are a little too large to comfortable fit on a spoon and tend to drip a bit. So should I ever make something with green veg like this again, I will be less lazy and chop it up a little smaller.



1. Bonnie - June 20, 2008

I’d love to try peanut soup – I think I’m going to try and make it too one of these days.

2. tuimeltje - June 22, 2008

:) Do it! It’s really fun, just chuck some spoons of peanut butter (I used chunky) in some watery substance, let it heat up for a bit after, and eat it.

3. Glenn - April 5, 2010

nice, I miss the food from surinam, someone should open a vegan restaurant there though.. get local vegans together every now and then, the city is full of vegetarians but you don’t see any special restaurants or ”movement”, no labels, for all I know they might be using non-vegan ingredients in the ”veggies” options we have..
if I ever go back there after my studies, I should do something about it..

tuimeltje - August 9, 2010

Thank you!
And you certainly should. Sounds like there’s a market for it.

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