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Made July 4, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food.
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A while back, Janet posted a miso ramen recipe that looked most tasty, most veganisable, and really quite easy, so it ended up on my list of things to make.

And I made it. Go me!

I omitted the meat, sugar, and garlic, used veg bouillon powder instead of chicken broth, rice noodles instead of ramen noodles, subbed kale for the snake beans, and bought a packet of fresh enoki mushrooms at the Chinese supermarket for the occasion.
I also didn’t fry anything, just chucked it into the water. I did, however, grate the carrot and the ginger. That IKEA grater is really most useful.


First time use for that mirin. Not sure it actually made any difference.


It was nice and filling. A little too filling, perhaps. It didn’t have as strong a flavour as I had been expecting, though. I think I went wrong with some of the estimated measurements. That, and certain ingredients kind of sink to the bottom. Also, the ratio rice noodles/everything else may have been a little off. Less noodly next time. Or no noodly, whatever. Depends on how long I have to march on it.

I’m not normally much for mushrooms, but I’m finding I quite like these enoki ones. Or at least don’t mind them much. I’d still be hesitant to randomly munch them or eat them in an easily identifiable way, but in something soup-y or stir-fry-like they’re nice. I didn’t use all of them so froze a bunch. I also froze most of the sweet corn. I really didn’t need the whole tin.

Since I’m loving the idea of miso, I’ll probably make more miso soups. I’ve had some good ones at work, which didn’t have noodles and were less filling, but had more flavour. I might make something like that, but with a little more veg.



1. VeggieGirl - July 4, 2008

Mmm, filing meals are the best; and I love mushrooms, so I’m glad that you didn’t mind them this time :0)

2. tuimeltje - July 4, 2008

They are. :) But this one I made afer eating the bami leftovers, and I had a small snack in mind rather than a full meal, so it was a little much for me.

People love mushrooms? I’ve heard of those… ;)

3. janetching - July 5, 2008

Hi there, I am happy you have enjoyed the noodle. I cook rice noodle a lot too (just tonight after reading your blog), they are good for gluten-free diet isn’t it? And easy to digest. You mentioned the ingredients sank to the bottom: try take out the noodle into the bowl first, then pick the veg. and lastly pour in the soup. If you want variation, I can suggest chinese leaves, bean sprouts and spinach. Cheers, Janet

By the way, you mention you have miso soup at work, how do you cook them? Is your miso powder or paste form?

4. tuimeltje - July 6, 2008

Yeah, their gluten-free-ness is one reason to cook them.
Perhaps next time, I’ll just cook less of them when I’m only making myself a small snack.
That different order sounds like something to try. This time I just made it like regular soup and didn’t bother keeping anything apart until serving.

I’m not 100% sure how the work miso is made, but I think it’s made with the paste. One of the times it has some shiitake added, another time it just had spices, but both times it was very tasty. Also much darker liquid than the one I got at home, which is odd because the miso I have at home is pretty dark as well.

At home I have some of those convenience packets with powdered miso you can just chuck into warm water and stirr, which is handy for travel, but at home I’d prefer to use the paste.

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