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Pinta July 6, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in food.
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I think I may have actually found a bag of dried pinto beans! (I also found a random wandering irishman busking on the streets and he sang so lovely I could not resist buying the CD he was selling. Albert Niland’s YouTube channel, if you’re interested)
The exotic supermarket near my parents sells a good bunch of dried beans and one variety was labeled alubia pinta. However, just below that it goes on about haricots borlotti, which would make them pretty much the same as those rosecoco beans I’ve had laying around.

I’m so confused!

When I got home I looked up pictures, but since both are speckled and have similar colours, I couldn’t really tell the difference. I guess I’ll see when I get home. It’d be cool if they really were pintos, though. I’d love to make me some proper refried beans. Still, if they’re technically not, I’ll just cheat.

ETA: I just checked the possibly-pintos against the rosecocos, and the rosecocos, while also speckly, are a fair bit darker in their non-speckly bits, so there’s a good chance they’re different beans. Maybe.
I’ll have to see if there’s a taste difference, I suppose.



1. VeggieGirl - July 6, 2008

I’m confused as well, haha. Maybe the bean mystery will be solved soon! :0)

2. pobept - July 6, 2008

Never fried beans, but tried to barbecue some once. They kept falling through the BBQ grill grates.

3. tuimeltje - July 6, 2008

@VeggieGirl: :) I hope so. Still, they’re bound to be tasty. I think I’ll look for some next time I’m in Belgium, maybe they’re more easily found there.

@pobept: I can imagine.

4. The Happy Vegetarian - July 7, 2008

I think pinto beans are called kievitsbonen in Dutch. If you search around the organic stores you may be able to find them. I was able to find them in bulk in Wageningen — but now that I have a big bag — I have absolutely NO idea what to do with them :P

5. Lizzy - July 7, 2008

Oh dear I get confused with all those beans and their 2394872936 different names (for the same bean), too. This asian supermarket carries tons of dried beans, peas, lentils… and so many of them look alike but have different names and I end up all confused and buy nothing at all =p

6. tuimeltje - July 7, 2008

@Natalie: Yeah, I found that on a Dutch bean site. Odd name for them, isn’t it? It’s possible to order them online, too, but I’m not much into that and the toko hunt has a certain something.

I hope you find something cool to do with them. The only thing I want to make with them is refried beans, I haven’t thought beyond that.

@Lizzie: I know! When searching for rosecoco beans to have a comparison pic, I got a whole strink of [name] beans = [different name] beans ===. Crazy!
The internet is a wonderful place to find out what to do with new foods, so I’m usually not too worried about food confusion. :)

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