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Confettmie July 8, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food.
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Yesterday there was some veg that needed eating after a weekend away. And there was also this pantry project I wanted to do something with. Initially I had some plans to use that green spaghetti I’ve had laying around for ages with some frozen green stuff, but that would have taken a fair bit of work, not to mention doing dishes, and it wouldn’t let me use those other veg if I wanted to keep things green.
The mention in this post (comments, technically) of confetti rice made out of leftovers made me think I could just make me a noodly version of that. The veg was nice and colourful, and to add some more colour I could just add peas. There’d be plenty left for the green idea.

Chopped-up veg, neatly arranged on a rather 70s-looking compartment plate.

There’s half a yellow bell pepper, a tomato, a carrot that’d gone all soft, frozen peas, a bit of garlic, some of the enoki mushrooms I’d frozen (they get a little soggy when defrosted), and the cheap non-nesty mie I used when I didn’t make bami.
All the veg I chopped to be roughly the size of a pea to get that proper confetti feel.

There’s also some spices I added (fenugreek and curcuma, maybe some others I forgot about), some soy sauce, and, after I’d put it all on my plate, a dollop of harissa.
Later on I remembered the peanuts I had laying around, so I chucked in a small hand of those for extra crunchiness.

It was very easy to make. I chucked the mie into boiling water, along with the peas and the carrot, cooked it for a short while, drained it, added some oil and the rest of the stuff, and let that fry for a bit.


I wasn’t expecting too much, to be honest, since I had the idea that it’d be just plan noodles with some veg, and while I love me some veg, plain noodles I don’t much care for. However, it was quite good. I love it when my expectations are messed with in that way.
Adding the garlic, soy sauce, harissa, and spices made the noodles anything but plain, and the noodles mixed well with the veg.
Also, while I have a general dislike for confetti and having that stuff thrown at me, this food is all happy and cheery and makes me feel of generally fun kid things. I love colourful foods.



1. VeggieGirl - July 8, 2008

Such colorful dishes!!

2. tuimeltje - July 8, 2008

:) Doesn’t it look lovely?

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