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Falafel Again July 9, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in breakfast, eating out, food, review.

Last week I took this little exam that I should’ve passed a few years back. This time, despite not actually having physically practiced some of the skills for at least a year, I passed. Go me! (And everyone else, since the other students taking the exam that day all passed as well)
I thought this called for a little celebration and I figured I might as well feel a little more festive about the Maoz falafel I’d promised myself after Bonnie mentioned something about aubergines.

So yesterday I figured I might as well go, since I had the day off and waiting any longer would make the exam results-link a bit fuzzy. Again this falafel ended up being effectively what I had for breakfast even though it was technically speaking early in the afternoon.

My Maoz aubergine with lots of stuff on:
Maoz Falafel

It was very tasty. While the aubergine taste wasn’t very obvious, it was this slight difference, mixed with the falafel, that made the whole thing better. I’m very glad I learned about this option.

It’s been a while since I last visited De Falafel, so I’m not sure I can make a proper comparison but I’m going to try anyway.

-I think the price is about the same at both places. There might be some differences, but nothing huge.

-Both places have green olives as part of their salad bar. However, the Maoz ones still have the stones, which is a little inconvenient.

-The rest of the salad bars are quite similar, with similar veg and similar sauces, though there are some minor differences. I think De Falafel has sauerkraut and that yellow sauce, and Maoz has some salad that looks like it has mayo on it and an extra chili sauce on top of that other red, peppery-looking sauce.

-Maoz, however, has more variety. You can have your falafel with added hummus, aubergine, feta (not vegan, but still. It’s an option), and avocado, and you can have large and small Maoz. They also sell chips. The pictures suggested fresh juice was sold, but all I saw was your basic cooler with bottled crap. Apart from getting those things on their own, you can get one of their menus.
De Falafel is just falafel. You can buy some bottled drinks and choose between white pita or wholemeal pita, but that’s it.

-I think both have both while and wholemeal pitas available, though I didn’t know this about Maoz until the surly guy asked the customer after me what kind of pita he wanted. I’d have gone for wholemeal if I’d known…

-When I visited, both places were staffed by a slightly surly and not particularly inviting guy. I suspect the students work weekends and possibly some afternoons, because I know that, at De Falafel, at least, I’ve usually had generally friendly people serving. Next time I might try visiting during the weekend or something.

Last time I visited De Falafel, things were a bit messy there.

-I have no clue about the labour practices and working conditions in either place, though I know Maoz is one of those franchise chains. As I’ve only seen one of De Falafel, I suspect that one isn’t. I’m not sure it makes much of a difference to me or the workers, though.

-I’m not entirely sure, but I think both places have their hours tied to shop hours so if you want falafel after 6-ish (9-ish on Fridays), you’ll probably have to go elsewhere.

-De Falafel has been too long ago to accurately compare flavour, so I can’t say too much about that.

At this point, I’ll probably divide my falafel-buying between the two, but if De Falafel continues to be somewhat messy or I find that Maoz is actually tastier, this may well change. At the moment the main things De Falafel has going for it is not looking like its part of a chain and my habit of walking in that direction, and I’m not actually sure those things are all that relevant.



1. VeggieGirl - July 9, 2008

Hooray for passing the exam!!

I can’t get enough falafel – yum!!

2. tuimeltje - July 9, 2008

Thanks. :)

Me neither. I should really learn to make my own.

3. Bonnie - July 10, 2008

That’s such an excellent review! Thanks a lot for posting it :)
The stones in the olives at Maoz are a little annoying, yeah. I always thought they sold fresh juice, too, but when I asked for it they told me they were out of orange juice. That made me assume they normally do have it, but maybe they don’t. I’m glad they do sell the wholemeal pitas in Rotterdam, though, I’ve come accross some other Maoz stores in Amsterdam that only have non-ww ones.
I should really, really go and eat at De Falafel already.

4. tuimeltje - July 11, 2008

I’m glad you liked it. :)

Do go! It’s easy to find, and good falafel. No aubergine, though.

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