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Green July 10, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in dinner, food.
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Yesterday I was going for some colour-coordination (by the way, have I ever linked to this thing before? Colour-coordinated food always makes me think of that… food, I suppose I should call it), trying to make something nice with the vaguely greenish basil-garlic spaghetti like I mentioned earlier. I had some vague memories of some pasta dish involving peas and sugar peas I was fed a few Christmasses ago and figured I could try and recreate that for a bit. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it.

Googling “pasta erwten” (“pasta peas”) got me this (Dutch) page with pasta recipes. One of which, penne fantasia, involved peas. Nowhere near vegan, that page, but that’s okay. I was looking for inspiration, not recipes.
I already thought I might add some fried-up smoky tofu bits and maybe see if I could somehow put in some kale to create room in the freezer and add some leafy and more green, but I’d not considered adding some kind of cream.
While at the supermarket for the soya cream, I noticed the sugar peas and figured I might as well get those as well. They were the right colour, after all.


I cubed and then fried up the tofu, added the frozen peas, then, a little later, the sugar peas, put the spaghetti on, let the frozen kale thaw, chucked the spaghetti in with the tofu and peas, added some of the cream, kale, and a splash of shoyu, and mixed the whole thing up.

What it looked like on my plate:

It was tastier than I was expecting, especially considering I didn’t add anything spice-like apart from shoyu and pepper. Like with the confettmie, I was sort of expecting a certain blandness because of a lot of fairly plain pasta, but it was good. Very satisfying.

The spaghetti didn’t really seem to have that basil-garlic flavour I expected, though. While it may have been buried by all the other flavours, I do suspect buying special pasta like that is somewhat of a wast of money.



1. Tofufreak - July 13, 2008

mmmmmmmm. yummy! color coordinating food is fun! ^_^

2. tuimeltje - July 14, 2008

I know! I’ve had ideas about figuring out a whole bunch of colour-coordinated meals, but didn’t really get into the specifics before starting to think of some other thing. Might still do it one day. :)

3. sinead - July 14, 2008

i love cooking by colour coordination. yay!

4. tuimeltje - July 15, 2008

:) It can lead to interesting things.

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