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Not That Nice July 31, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in administrative, dessert, non-food veganness.
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Today, I decided to have dessert before dinner. Or just have dessert. I’ve not actually made dinner yet, since I’ve not actually done the dishes yet. It’s possible, even likely, that this won’t happen at all today.

A while back, when my boyfriend was over here, we had some basic vanilla soya ice cream with crumbled chocolate country cookies (cheap oaty-biscuits with little chocolate pips). While I’m not too crazy about either food on it’s own, mixed up they’re actually quite nice and I’ve been thinking of making it again. So after work today I stopped by the supermarket. The organic one, not the general one Dice and I went to before. The one which doesn’t have those chocolate country cookies but does have small containers of ice cream rather than the .5l ones. But no longer the vanilla flavour, apparently. Since I didn’t want to try strawberry-chocolate not-country cookie, I went for chocolate instead.

Molten and crumbled, all mixed:

While it wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t as nice as the version Dice and I had earlier. Not sure why, really. The biscuit was the sort without beet or cane sugar, but I’m not that much into sweet foods so that should make it better, not worse. And I didn’t expect the different flavour ice cream to make that big a difference, either.
To be honest, though, the earlier version was only tasty for a bite or two, three at best. After that, it was just cold sweet stuff with biscuit bits. I noticed that with sorbet as well, not too long ago. Someone very kindly got me some recently, and while it tasted lovely at first, it soon stopped tasting like anything beyond “sweet”.

Completely switching gears here, I would like to mention a new little project of mine,
Fandom Veganism. It’s only just starting, but I hope it’ll grow a bit. It’s a blog about pop culture things and veganism.
I’d been thinking of starting something like that since TV often makes me vegan-ranty the way certain aspects of veg*ism are portrayed or the way characters display all kinds of ethics which, if displayed consistently, should give us a vegan character but rarely, if ever, actually do. While I occasionally rant about this for a bit, it never ends up a nice, interactive discussion so I figured this might be a way to get that.



1. VeggieGirl - August 1, 2008

Dessert is better than dinner anyway ;0)

Your new blog project sounds fun!!

2. tuimeltje - August 1, 2008

True, true. Though I’ve probably had better dinners than this particular dessert…

I hope it will be. :)

3. Sinead - August 4, 2008

Hey You! I nominated you for an award because you rock!

4. tuimeltje - August 4, 2008

Oh, wow! Thanks! Don’t think I’ve ever had anyone do that. :) I’m all excited now.

By the way, I have a few silly pictures of us besides the one I put up in that post about the Britain trip. Half only have one of us properly on them, but if you want them, I can email them to you.

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