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Blue August 7, 2008

Posted by tuimeltje in food, snack.

When visiting Sinead in Edinburgh she gave me some Scottish not-cheese and some Scottish oat cakes.

These here:

IIRC, the instructions were to put the two together, so that’s what I did yesterday.

Which got me this:

I didn’t bother arranging things neatly as I was too busy making and eating it and trying to not miss any of the MacGyver/Jack subtext. How I missed all that glorious subtext (not to mention the whole Murdoc thing) upon first viewing is still a mystery to me. I suppose that what fandom does to a person…

I must admit, I was slightly apprehensive about this cheese. I’ve never been particularly into the fancier, smellier cheeses, though I did enjoy some baguette with Rouen cheese this one summer. One summer only, though. Once we were home, I didn’t care for it anymore.
The only time I recall ever trying anything blue was quattro fromaggio pizza I didn’t much enjoy and was probably the only vegetarian option. IIRC, that pizza prompted me to tell my parents that, should I ever have kids, they be raised vegan, months before I even went vegan myself.

However, since it would be blatantly unadventurous to not even try, not to mention rather rude, I ate it. Well, half of it. Though it’s not a particularly big package, it’s not something to eat in one go.
Since it didn’t seem to have any actual blue veins, it didn’t even scare me. Yay!

The taste was quite pleasant. Strong, but not too strong. I have no clue how it compares to the cruel thing, but it does make me think of holidays in France. I’m glad Sinead chose to share this flavour, since I’d most likely not have bought it myself.

Somewhat noteworthy, this is also first time I tried not-cheese cold, as opposed to heated up as part of a grilled not-cheese sandwich or some kind of pizza (that rubbery yakso stuff once… Ick!).

ETA: Where are my pictures? Whaaa! I’m sure I put them in!
ETA2: Still nothing. The hell? I’ve done this many times before, never any problems.
ETA3: Okay, according to the forums, others are having image-issues. So I’ll just wait it out and until then, mention that the not-cheese was blue style Sheese and Orkney oatcakes. Go play with Google if you want to know what that looks like.



1. VeggieGirl - August 7, 2008

Glad that the taste was good!

2. Nicole Little - August 8, 2008

I never was a big cheese fan, so I’ve never been too eager to find a great substitute. However, oatcakes rock! My friend and I call them “the most manly cookies,” because the whole scene with the two of us little girls using all of our strenght to roll out the ultra-tough oat dough made us arrive at that conclusion. That, and because they aren’t exactly sweet, or delicate, but tough and filling. Yeah, we were actually tired after making oatcakes.

3. the Happy Vegetarian - August 17, 2008

Can you also get this non-cheese in the Netherlands? I’ve only seen the yako stuff here.

4. tuimeltje - August 17, 2008

@VeggieGirl. :) Me too.

@Nicole: Thanks for your comment! Making oatcakes sounds like quite the workout! It’s good food, not the way I expect cakes to be generally, but I prefer them to the sweet things.
I was never big on cheese either, just enjoying a young Gouda at times, either cold or melted, so I don’t often bother with subs either. But it’s nice to try them sometimes.

@Nat: I don’t know. I’ve never seen this particular brand here, I only knew of it via UK-dwelling vegans. I’m not even sure it’s sold in the South of the UK, to be honest.
Some NFS’s (Gimsel in Rotterdam, that Weteringenschans one in Amsterdam as well, I think) sell Cheezly and other Redwood products, though. They’re nice. Sort of similar, just made in England rather than Scotland and a slightly different range of products. They don’t seem to have a blue cheese sub, though. And there are a few options on the site that I don’t recall ever seeing here, so even if they do make it, it may not be sold near here.

I had Yakso slices turn to rubber once on a pizza. Not trying that kind again soon…

5. Veggie Wedgie - March 29, 2009

Om my, Sheese is the best! And I think the blue Flavor is actually awesome, i really really love it. As for the yaks one..its the only vegan cheese sold in Greece, and that thing is seriously INEDIBLE. I think it smells, tastes and feels like plastic.

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