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One, Two, Many, Lots August 21, 2008

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I figured that, since I would probably not end up at the pleinbios (open-air free movies. Yay! Saw Juno yesterday ♥) tonight, I might as well get some blogging done. There are pictures that need posting.
Unlike my usual posts, this will be a bunch of pictures of different foods, since I can’t be bothered to give each food their own post. That would take me entirely too long. Since doing it this way will make this post entirely too long, I’m going to use that nifty “more” feature

Almost two weeks of food:

Twice I made muffins.

First, the Anything Goes ones from How It All Vegan with blueberries and banana for the fruit for which I actually stuck to the recipe like a good girl. Sort of, anyway. I think I technically didn’t use enough fruit since I clean forgot to add those raisins I was soaking for the occasion.


Later I made Isa’s mocha chip ones but without the mocha seeing as my aunt has no instant coffe but fancy-schmancy proper coffee and one of those old-style hand-powered coffee makers that makes me think of a romantic Paris of yesteryear that probably never actually existed in reality. Also, with a chopped chocolate/mixed nuts mix posing as chocolate chips. Chocolate chips don’t live in our supermarkets for some reason and I didn’t actually have enough chocolate for chopping to fill up the required measuring cup.


Both sets of muffins were okay, but somehow I expected them to be tastier. Especially the fruity muffins. They had this odd sweetness that made me suspect I’d have liked them better if I’d used the agave syrup my aunt bought recently to make me a raw banana cake instead of that fine white sugar I found.
The chocolate-y one simply wasn’t chocolate-y enough. Both baches were kind of lacking in moistness, especially the small ones. I may have left them in a little longer than needed.
Oh well. Better luck next time.

Lasagne was also made twice.

I only have a picture for the first one:

This was also the one that didn’t really work out that well. I made two sauces, one was mostly blended courgette with some spices and garlic, the other was an ambitious attempt to create some cheese-like sauce using cashewnuts, nutritional yeast, silken tofu, and some of that blue scheese Sinead gave me.
After basic assembly and some oven-time, it ended up tasting like bland pasta with a vague hint of garlic. Not that great, really. The cheesy layer ended up nice and crusty after reheating, though. That was the only positive thing about the meal.

After discussing this failure with people who cook in a more professional manner, I figured I should probably try and cook the sauces next time, so that’s what I did for the second lasagne. This time I made a tomato sauce with carrot and bell pepper and didn’t bother with any kind of cheese sauce. Just put some of the black olives I still had on it.
While it still wasn’t stellar or anything, it was much tastier than my first attempt. the pasta/sauce ratio was still a little off, so next time it’ll be much, much more sauce.

I also made two kinds of pizza, but didn’t take pictures of those at all.

The first was from one of those “just add water” boxes where you can make your pizza whatever shape you like it to be provided you don’t mind if it doesn’t actually end up looking much like what you like it to be and don’t particularly object to certain bits of the crust being thicker than others.
The package I bought very conveniently also contained a sauce packet, so all I had to do was add some bell pepper (I’d bought a budget bag of five earlier), olives, and a little bit of the blue cheese in one corner.
This was my first attempt at crafting my (kind of) own dough, and I was a little worried about how thin some of it was on the sheet. However, it rose a fair bit, so I could’ve spread it out more. Of course, then the sauce packet wouldn’t have contained enough sauce, so it’s not really a bad thing that I didn’t.
It tasted nice, and for some reason, I rather enjoyed the unbaked dough.

The second kind of pizza I made was the sort where I buy that pack of two basic pizzas at Albert Heijn and add some sauce and veg before chucking the thing in the oven. For the first pizza I put on some of the lasagne sauce and then some bell pepper (I mentioned the big bag, right?), scheese, and olives.
For the second pizza of this sort, I’d run out of sauce, so I made do with the tiny layer of red stuff that was already on the pizza and put on the bell pepper anc olives. I’d forgotten about my last last bits of scheese, so I added those after taking it out of the oven. They don’t really melt much anyway.

Twice I messed around with ice cream and biscuits.

The first time it was a simple mixing of the vanilla ice cream with the broken oreos, hoping it would be nice. It sort of was, but like I realised earlier, I’m really not that much into ice cream stuff anymore, nor do I care much about biscuits.
Still, it looks pretty.

My second project, two oaty biscuits with chocolate-hazelnut spread and vanilla ice cream between them, kind of looks like it has fangs and wants to attack.
Looks amusing, but didn’t really taste that great. too much biscuit, okay choco-nut spread, but not nearly enough ice cream.

For something a little healthier now, I made a peculiar green mash one night, combining the cauliflower that was pining in the fridge with some potatoes and a mysterious green leafy vegetable the people from the Chinese supermarket call poi choy/spinach. It’s not that bad, but, on it’s own, not that good either. It needs to eaten with something.
Once I ate it with microwaved veg dumplings, which was good, and once I ate it with sweet corn, also good. And photographed!

As I made rather a lot, I have a fair bit frozen now. Now to figure out what to eat it with…

To finish, some more fun Scottish food. Sinead gave me some vegan haggis and mentioned baked potatoes, so I made me some of that before the expiration date came along.


It was good. Proper filling comfort food.

There are some more pictures, but I have to recharge Scarlett’s battery so I’ll put them in a new post. These are more proper pics, too, with the one for the ingredients and the one for the final food, like I usually do. They get their own post.



1. VeggieGirl - August 21, 2008

Oh my, EVERYTHING that you have been cooking and baking lately looks amazing!!!

2. tuimeltje - August 22, 2008

Aw, thanks.

3. Nicole Little - August 26, 2008

I love how you personify things- the chocolate chips not living in your supermarket and whatnot. Hmmm…what attracts chocolate chips to a dwelling? Have you ever had carob chips? I loooove them (even though I”m a chocolate addict).

And sometimes I make my pizzas without any cheese substitiute, simply because I don’t find it all that appealing, and never really liked cheese before I was vegan. I just put on some avocado (for the oiliness) and a little salt to get the same effect.

4. janetching - August 28, 2008

I just came back from Amsterdam andmy aunt took me to a shop just selling vanilla ice cream. I had a vanilla ice cream sandwich in Kalverstraat pretty much like yours.

5. Tofufreak - September 3, 2008

vegan haggis- i’ve heard of it and watched a clip on real haggis, but that is one thing that will always intrigue me. what does it taste like?

i do love your pics of food! they make me drool :)

hope you get back to blogland soon!

6. tuimeltje - October 23, 2008

@ Nicole: :) I don’t remember ever eating carob chips, though I’m sure fun things could be done with those.
Normally I don’t bother with cheese subs either, but I had this one laying around so thought I’d have some fun with it.

@Janet: Nice! I didn’t know that sort of thing was sold here.

@Tofufreak: Thanks. :) Am back. I can’t remember the taste of real haggis, though I do remember being not particularly surprised. The veg sort I can’t actually describe either, since it’s been some weeks now. *g*

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