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Rube April 13, 2009

Posted by tuimeltje in dessert, food.

You know what? You’re going to get a proper food post, pictures and all.

This weekend we celebrated my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, and after the get-together at the party centre my parents, one of my siblings and I stopped by my grandparents’ house to drop off some stuff.
They have a lovely garden and while they’re no longer able to maintain it themselves, they take much pride in it still so I love to ask them about it and get the tour whenever I visit. For as long as I can remember, and probably a long time before that, my grandparents have grown edible things in their garden. Their old garden had a little greenhouse, fruit trees and bushes, and a few beehives. Their new garden doesn’t have quite as much as the old one, and currently doesn’t have quite as much as it once had due to changed dietary habits, but it still has some fruit trees and bushes and a few rhubarb plants.
When my grandma was giving me the tour, I noticed the rhubarb plants. Not being 100% sure they were rhubarb, I asked my grandma for confirmation, which lead to her telling me to yank out a good few stalks to take home, and make sure to take the nice and thick ones.

I’m not sure I’ve quite got the hang of the new image gallery feature here, but you should be able to see the loot on one of the pictures. There’s another picture of the chopped up rhubarb in the pot, which just looked so pretty! Reminded me of some kind of sweet, with it’s slight shine.

There’s also a picture of the rhubarb greens. I considered making something with them, but then I read that they’re supposed to be poisonous so I gave it a miss. Now I’m just sorry I don’t have some kind of compost heap I can chuck them at.

I boiled it down, which was quite quick and made the flat smell lovely. As you can see on one of the pictures, I let it boil a little too much. It looks pretty, though. With all those stalks, I had expected a fair bit of rhubarb mush but it ended up being just two of those little containers. I don’t have time to eat any of it now, so I stuck it in the freezer for later use. What I did do was pour a bit of the juice/syrup in the smoothie I was making siince I didn’t have any other juice or notmilk. Though I only put in a little bit, I could taste it quite well.

This whole rhubarb adventure made me a lot happier than I expected and makes me wish I had a garden of my own. Those things are probably very easy to grow.



1. summer picnic - April 13, 2009

That rhubarb looks magnificent! Thanks for inspiring me to branch out and try something new.

tuimeltje - April 14, 2009

Thanks! And welcome. Do try, it’s very easy and can lead to much joy.

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