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More chocolate cake May 11, 2009

Posted by tuimeltje in food, snack.

Last week it was my last day somewhere, and it seemed to be customary to bring tasty things for such an occasion. Since finding decent vegan tasty things to fit a student’s budget can be kind of tricky and time-consuming, I figured I’d best bake something myself.

So far, the basic chocolate cake has never let me down so I figured I’d see if it’d work just as well flat.

This time I did actually use some vanilla-tasting liquid so I skipped the cinnamon. Because my parents only had a little bit of white vinegar left, just enough for one batch, and I wasn’t sure balsamic would be the thing to use for cake, I visited my grandma when batch #1 was in the oven. Instead of spending those spare moment on study, I checked out her collection of vinegars and plants. Apart from making sure my grandma has tasty condiments (Also no white vinegar to be found. I went with the raspberry-flavoured one she had), my aunt also occasionally adds some flowers to my grandma’s garden. Though the enthusiastic wisteria, ivy, and almost-a-little-pink-and-oddly-smelling-like-white-chocolate flowers you can see on the picture are plants that just grow there with out any intervention on my aunt’s part (though she may, at times, intervene to make sure it doesn’t grow quite as much. Especially the ivy).

I made two batches of cake, cut not too large but not too small either. While it was quite a lot, I kept worrying I’d not have enough. Silly, really, as I did have plenty. Enough so it didn’t fit in the Curver containers I’d bought specially. I ended up going to the nearest supermarket for an old melon box so I’d be able to transport the cake.
Enough to have some left to make a small package (two pieces and a note) for a friend who’d be receiving chemotherapy there the next day.
Enough to still have something to take some with me tomorrow.
That’ll be the last piece, though. And it’s probably still tasty and moist.

Good cake. A cake which, oddly, tasted vaguely alcoholic. I wonder if that’s the raspberry vinegar.



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